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How can I help the world as fast as possible?

If I have the key to save the world from disease and untimely death and deprivation, what should I do?

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    Just this morning I decided to quit my activity here at YA after answering during three years more than 500 questions. Now I stumbled over your question that exactly has to do with why I don't want to continue here: It seems, that nobody wants help if this includes self responsibility and for example a change in ones life style. Help is only accepted when it is in the range of ones established mindset and confirms oneself.

    I had ask myself the same question you are asking now and came after more than thirty years of trying to offer a *key*, so that people are able to help themselves, - to the result, that people are so much programed in their mindset and so much identified with it, that they are not capable to do a step beyond. Not even when they are extremely suffering. They still expect and are open for help from the outside and the social and medical health system, precisely that, what has brought them into their desperate condition in the first place. "You can't solve a problem with the same mindset that has caused it!" (Einstein) Yes, that's true, if you have a solution for the problems and with this one needs to go beyond the established mindset, then nobody is interested. Maybe a very few who are so tired after going through a life long struggling, realizing that we live in a false reality created by ourselves, that finally they question every thing and then take the reigns in their own hands. (In my estimation about one person out of 100.000).

    One of the answers said: "Market your *key* and sell it." Yes, this is how it works with any thing that is produced and then sold in our society and as more expensive you sell, as more it will be appreciated. But it doesn't work with the *key* you might want to offer, because it will need a different approach that it can work: One needs to get out of the attitude as a victim, taking initiative and self responsibility, - with other words: Getting out of dependency! At least that is the case with the *key* I have found.

    So what can we do? This question is still open and there are little possibilities that an answer will show up here at YA.

    I will think about it and come back later...


    I don't know what kind of *key* you might have, - but I have the impression that this is a fantasy and not a real question. To save the world from disease would mean to interfere into evolution and the process of growing, as there is a good reason for all results. Better and more real would be to be able to offer a key that makes disease and deprivation understandable as part of our learning and so could make it to a creative process, were people are involved with their own responsibility and motivation...

    If you want to know what I have found out and what I can offer, then you must ask me or look for it by visiting my Web site or my other answers here at YA.

    PS: When I use the word *key* then I don't mean a new high pitched sophisticated spiritual concept. I am giving information and advice about practical things one can use in daily life and that will further ones growing and healing process. - And to make it clear: There can't be money involved, because this belongs to the field we have left behind...

    Edit: I have send a message to the asker USA and had ask him to explain in 'additional details' what he sees as a 'key'. Shouldn't we use this space here at YA to find all together the answer to this question? And then this maybe is part of the answer, coming out of our motivation, initiative and action. Here at YA an exchange is difficult because there is no option available like chat or a discussion connected with the space of the question. But at least we can try by editing our answer and the asker can add more additional details. This is an occasion to show YA that there is a need to develop this space... And also to show that we are interested and active without getting 'points' for it!

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    If you have a key, then start to share it! The 'world' is were you are and in this moment it is Yahoo Answers and your question. So tell us more about it, you might at least help the people here, - and then you can go on...


    PS: Unless with your question you are just joining the common game here and every where to get attention and keeping yourself and others busy.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Book the earliest flights to Africa, South America, India, China, and all those poor countries where children are dying by the thousands due to diseases and malnutrition. You would certainly be nominated for the next Nobel Peace prize and become a Global Hero in the fight against poverty and disease.

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    I think that .."you have ur underwear in-a-twist(!)".

    There is no real "key" (or lock-to-THE-door) and even if there were, we might concentrate on ending poverty-hence in large part ending war itself.

    So you should see,even both of us TOGETHER would find ur aim difficult!

    Having said that,any good person could see that such a question "aims at goodness,or good deeds".

    And i think it may be a relatively new answer that i offer; that is,that we can help others (quickly) by

    trying-and-trying again to be good citizens.

    And i mean good citizens who treat others with kindness and respect and helpfullness-at the mall,

    gas station, workplace and school; and at home,too!

    My answer is a rather old-fashioned one,nonetheless its one which can involve us all,

    and also it can be a simple answer to your request for help that is .."as fast as possible".

    Source(s): In philosophy, the work of the western philosopher and critical rational scholar, K.R.Popper and all; see his chapter "Emancipation thro knowledge" from his book called, In search of a better world.
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    Tell the world, the world is a sinking ship, because of SIN

    John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

    Isa 58:1 Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and shew my people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins.

    Source(s): KJB
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  • 1 decade ago

    All desires arise from a sense of lack seeking fulfilment through some actions.

    Even if you achieve what you want to, sense of lack will never go.

    Can one question this sense of lack itself?

    This is concentration of total energy.

    Now action arises not to cover up lack but to rejoice from a sense of sufficiency.

    See this point and be free.

    Y V Chawla

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  • - The fastest way to present an useful idea, concept, product, or service to the world is to market and sell it. That's counter-intuitive, but it's reality.

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  • 4 years ago

    AIDS is becoming very speedy in western it available that it will dominant the whole international? survey achieved in u . s . of america and ecu international locations says that AIDS is spreading very speedy.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    if you have the key then you will have the answer also about how you can help as fast as possible because the people who have the keys never ask questions they just provide answers...

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  • 1 decade ago

    Find a door and open the lock 'cause we need it right away.

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