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Spiritually discipline of captivity, what must we do to return to God?

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    Perform Good Karma (Deeds). Not only because Karma really is "what goes around, comes around." but because, when you are clean from within, you can feel God.

    Apart from it, just trust the relationship you share with Him. :)

  • 7 years ago

    There is no returning to God, the answer is existentialism.

    And avoid cigarettes.

    Worship the ceiling, worship that you don't smoke cigarettes.

    This kind of thinking is more productive than religion for most people.

    Even if church-goers look busy, they spend a lot of money and look confused.

    I have a principle that any great man would start his own religion. But it isn't always the best move in the world. Humility might still be great for him.

    As life says, the world comes before God. The sun is greater than the earth, but it has a different business. Don't confuse the sun for the earth, God for the sun, or immortality for God. They are all different things.

  • Star T
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    7 years ago

    A study of the bible will answer that question. Do not delay to return to God.

  • 7 years ago

    We must follow the commandments of God Jehovah, because if not, curses of Law (Deut. 28:15-) will follow us.

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  • Prema
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    7 years ago

    To become attach to Him and detached of everything from this world.

  • 7 years ago

    Strive and get closer to Him.

    Make Him your one and only, your true love.

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