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What is a created padparacha sapphire?

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    A created padparadscha sapphire is a synthetic sapphire that is pinkish-orange in color.

    To give you more detail, I'll break my answer down into 2 parts - one to explain "Padparadscha", and the other to explain "Created Sapphires".

    Padparadscha is a rare pinkish-orange sapphire. They are said to be the color of the lotus flower at first bloom. Traditionally, these came only from Sri Lanka (then known as Ceylon). In recent times, pinkish-orange sapphires have been found in other localities as well. e.g. Quy Chau, Vietnam; Umba mines, Tanzania.

    Created sapphires are sapphires that have been made by man, i.e. synthetic stones. Synthetic sapphires are generally produced via two main types of synthetic processes - Flame fusion & Flux melt. Flame fusion stones can be manufactured in a matter of hours and are very affordable (a few cents a carat!). Flux synthetics can take months to grow and therefore cost more to produce (can sell for more than a hundred a carat!). Hydrothermal synthetic sapphires are not as common, and can also be costly.

    Hope that helps!

    Source(s): I love gemstones & I'm a gemologist.
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    A created padparadscha sapphire is an orange colored sapphire that is synthetically created because it is rare in nature and for its attractive color. It is created by flame-fusion (Verneuil) and the Hydrothermal method by a synthetic gemstone manufacturer, Joint Venture Tairus.

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