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one more question?? like i said my period id due in 5 days but my cervix feels low, hard and shut??

should i expext to get my period?? or is there still a chance of being prego??? thanks

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    i think that it must mean something take a test and see if negative go see docter.

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    hi hun you mustn't examine too plenty into the region of your cervix, extremely in case you're no longer particularly experienced with checking it. confident, the cervix does upward thrust up quicker or later in early being pregnant yet this would not unavoidably take place earlier a overlooked era. that is weeks later. And except you're very used to precisely what occurs on your cervix each and each month, then checking it on occasion would not supply you too many clues the two. that is organic to be finding for clues at this ingredient on your cycle, yet cervix checking isn't a unfastened being pregnant attempt lol! stable success. let us know.

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    The only way tho find out is to do a test babe!! x

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    do some readings... try internet search

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