cognitive harms of marijuana? (scientifically proven )?


I have searched cognitive effects/harms/benefits of marijuana but the harms are exaggerated and the people who defend it says no harms at all but are there recent studies which shows actual neurological and cognitive effects of marijuana both long term both short term.

does it really murders your short term memory in long term?

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    10 years ago
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    There will always be "recent studies" that say this and that about marijuana. You need to understand that there are hundreds of private groups out there that are funded by pharmaceutical companies.

    The Parternship for a Drug Free America receives much of their funding from Pharmaceutical and Alcohol companies.

    Groups like the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) always have agendas. If they came out and admit the truth about marijuana, they would lose lots of funding. It's kind of like how the city will often repair roads that don't need to be fixed. They just want to keep their employees busy so they can continue to receive funding.

    Now that doctors in many states such as California and Colorado are prescribing marijuana for a number of problems like nausea, anxiety, chronic pain etc., it's in the best interest of the pharmaceutical companies to put out propaganda that makes marijuana look detrimental.


    Some little privately funded organization that comes out and says marijuana is harmful is not a CREDIBLE source.

    Every CREDIBLE source that has studied marijuana has found that there are very minor negative effects, if any. Credible sources that are not privately funded, such as the Government's top cancer researcher Donald Tashkin M.D., UCLA, Harvard, Stanford etc.

    These organizations have no ulterior motives. They are not funded by pharmaceutical companies, they will not lose funding if they say positive things about marijuana.

    Yes, marijuana affects your short term memory. As in "Damn I'm High, where are my car keys, I forgot where I put my keys". No, marijuana does not effect long term memory. No, marijuana does not kill brain cells. Yes, marijuana can cause social changes, as in they may be more outgoing while smoking it or more withdrawn and shy, depends on the person.

    Who says so? Harvard and Researchers at the University of California for one example.

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    10 years ago

    No it does not. There has been no proof whatsoever of any short term memory loss except when the user is "high" at said moment.

  • 10 years ago

    no, when people smoke weed they have short term memory lose while there high, not after,

    when people do stuff like acid they usually use weed to, so when they see someone that dose both they think that it is the weed,but it is the acid is the drug with short term memory lost,

    i smoke weed, and i have perfect memory

  • 10 years ago

    What was that you said?

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