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How to grow hair faster any Ayurveda treatment please let me know?

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    Hair itself is made out of protein, so a large amount of protein in your diet (meat, eggs, beans, etc.) will improve the health and growth of hair. In addition, the occasional trim will help hair to grow longer at a slightly faster pace. Trimming the ends of hair improves the health of the hair by removing split ends. If split ends are not taken care of, they make split further up the shaft of the hair. When this happens, the ends of the strands of hair are more likely to break off. By trimming, you are preventing the ends of the hair breaking off and the hair is allowed to grow longer.

    You can also put coffee in your hair to make it grow longer put on before you go sleep and in the morning wash in the shower. This is possible because coffee has a lot of protein in it so it could make it grow a bit longer in one night

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    You can use Amla which is good for hair also.

    Vinegar and limejuice are also good for hair.

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