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Anonymous asked in Arts & HumanitiesPhilosophy · 9 years ago

Why is everything as is? Can I be guilt free of a self-destructing humanity?

The other day I was in the mall with my girlfriend, and I spent time observing people. I couldn't help but notice the narcissism in some people. Then, I started thinking to myself of how I used to be like that when I was younger. I, no longer, am like that and I view it as good. However, I once was that and the majority of other people are like that. Arrogant, stupid, historically causing so much pain and suffering. Sometimes I highly hate humanity because it reveals such a low level of consciousness and stupidity. I would love it if it were more conscious of everything, but for some reason I'm not optimistic that it will ever reach that point. Instead, in my head, I see humanity on a downward spiral to self-destruction, due to the environment mostly, which would then in turn cause an anarchic state. Should I just focus on life as a big game and join the materialism, only to ignore the pain and suffering of all others? How can I rid myself of the guilt associated with being human? Sometimes I wish I could just disappear, with all of humanity, into a state of conscious and heavenly beauty. Lastly, do you think that humanity would be the same even if all the materialistic, ego-driven people were eliminated and only people of higher consciousness were on earth?

Please, give me your thoughts. The first two questions are more important than the last.


By the way, I'd like it if people came here biased free. No answers like "Jesus died for your sins!" or "Just be with God". I'd like more of a spiritual and rational approach. Maybe if you could turn how I can apply one of those statements like "Jesus died for our sins" and make it persuasive enough, but I can definitely see through statements with low quality content.

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    James, you are in a conflict and again I must quote Albert Einstein: "One can't solve a problem out of the same mindset that has caused it!" What means that you can't find back your balance by using your mind to find an explication for what disturbs you. The identification with their mindset keeps people in the limited level of consciousness and that makes it that they are that arrogant and stupid, with the result of causing destruction and suffering. You are in the conflict of still holding on this mindset, but your individual growing urges you to go beyond. So you question yourself and the situations and conditions around. But as these questions are coming out of your mindset and when answered are limited to it, so this can't really help you. That's what is Einsteins saying is about.

    To find the answer and the balance, you have to realize this within yourself, - beyond the mindset.

    How to do this? For sure not by making a split hating humanity because of their stupidity and also not by joining into the materialistic games.

    Understand and accept that humanity is still in a quite primitive state of evolution. At this step humans are stuck in their identification with their mind and emotions. They are getting their feeling of existence out of this. So they are acting and reacting, because they are programmed with goals and values as part of the common mindset of the present society. This of course includes limitation and manipulation and has made a 'big game' out of life, where a few clever people are pushing some buttons and so using all others for their own benefit, - even making people believe that they are 'philanthropic', probably they are believing this themselves'! Because they are caught in the same mindset! Does this make clear, that the most essential and significant is, that you go beyond yourself and that is the identification with your properties: Body, mind and emotions.

    To do this your daily life is all what you need. Why is every thing as you encounter it? Because it is what it is, just that you see every thing out of your personal background from which you are interpreting it and also comparing with how you would like it to be and so accepting or rejecting it or trying to manipulate it so that it fits into your expectation. Right? Observe your pain and suffering! Now you know where it comes from and you might also be able to recognize the background and when it happened that you received this program. Seeing this, you might be able to let go of it...

    So freeing yourself from dependency...

    - - -

    Just let me tell you what has happened: I wanted to write this answer, even though I have plenty of urgent other things to do, - so I started. People came and needed to talk with me. I continued writing. The van hit one of our cats and she was seriously hurt, I had to deal with this... I continued writing. An other interruption. I continued and nearly finished. The fire fox crashed! And so what I wrote for two hours, disappeared. All lost! I really hate computers and all what has to do with it!!! This is the most stupid thing on earth!!! Like this I could have reacted! But actually it was my fault, knowing about the possibility that this could happen, as it has happened before, so I should have saved what I was writing. But I was so much sucked in my doing, that I haven't done it, so I am not wasting my energy giving the fault to the outside and instead looking for a solution. OK, I made a 'restore' to an earlier time and after some hassle: Tahtah! It was back! You see? If I would have gotten lost in my reaction, then indeed it would have been lost and even willing to write it again (what I hate!) like now that is much better...

    - - -

    OK, now you might see, that no talking can bring you out of your confusion. You need to trust your own inner *growing force* and accept every thing that shows up in your life as what it is: part of your reality and see it as a challenge. Relating and responding with this attitude, will give you the opportunity to clear up yourself and find new spaces within yourself. I suggest, that you start with meditation if you are not already doing it. This will give you the basic to go forward and beyond your mindset. (See links!)


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  • 4 years ago

    Yes, you're correct. God has been protective us from absolute destruction. We are lucky to be right here and ok now after going via many trials, however we be taught and get more potent when we are verified such a lot. The Lord gave me a miracle in these days. I had no anguish from arthritis (for a difference) and felt that I would vacuum the location (which in general I get any individual else to do), nevertheless it has been decades so it wanted it badly and the Lord enabled me to do it as good as whilst I was once such a lot greater. Praise God!!! He is continuously there and he has blanketed us. from all types of matters. I slightly overlooked getting killed in auto injuries approximately 6 occasions. Once the auto was once totalled, however I bought no accidents in any respect and I could were killed if I had long gone into the intersection (with a inexperienced gentle) a cut up moment earlier than, however whatever was once preserving me again from coming into. I did not see a auto coming from the left facet dashing who would no longer give up for the purple gentle.

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  • 9 years ago

    I'm not going to offer you a spiritual approach, as I have yet to discover an answer to many of the same quandaries via a spiritual option. What I can tell you, however, is something that offers me solace, albeit it from time to time. I too am often flabbergasted by the downward spiral of self-destruction, but I recognize that to change popular opinion is asinine. People don't want to change; and even when faced with reality (factory farming, global climate change, sweatshops...), they find it far too much of a bother to change their consumer habits. And although my own solution may appear slightly self-absorbed, it truly is the only way I can handle what I see: being by myself or with those I care about. I have a baby nephew that is two years old and there is absolutely nothing that makes me happier--or fills me with more hope--than taking care of this young life. We live in Florida, so I oftentimes take him to the beach. There, we're not surrounded by consumerism or other material concerns. It's just him, me and his parents (my brother and sister-in-law). We pack a lunch and spend the day. For my own personal health, it's fabulous. It's a feeling of being disconnected, at peace, surrounded by love.

    And although the shock of re-entry into the world is inevitable, those moments away, at the beach, with loved ones, are the only thing keeping me grounded. My time with my family, at a disconnected place, albeit momentarily, fills me with peace and enough stamina to deal with this self-destruction that you describe.

    Look, it's self-absorbed; but we can't help those that don't want to be helped. That's why I live my life contrary to the self-destructive consumerism and focus on health, happiness and love. If my family is happy (that is, we have the very basics to survive; who needs a 19 inch plasma TV? Definitely not us.), then I'm happy and life is as it should be.

    This probably isn't what you were looking for, but I hope it adds something to your path.

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