Ladies if a guy did this how would you feel does it show you that he likes you?

There a girl I like and want to get to know better. She was upset so I tried to comfort her asking her what's wrong she said I'm fine. Our friend told me and I tried to comfort her and hi5 her.

Then later she was staring at me like she was day dreaming Was she thinking about me or not

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  • 7 years ago
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    The best part about life is learning to read the signs in front of you. Just because a person stares or 'day dreams' while looking in your direction doesn't necessarily mean that she is thinking about you. Let's look at your situation from two perspectives (1) She could be staring at you because she is still pretty shocked or upset about whatever it is that happened or (2) She could be staring at you because you went out of your way to comfort her.

    My Advice: In a way she could have been looking at you with googly eyes because of your thoughtfulness, however it's best not to misinterpret someone's facial expressions based off emotions because you could be setting yourself up for disappointment. But because you like her pursue her and ask her out or continue to be a good friend in these trying times and that can also pay off. Wishing You The Best In Love~

  • 7 years ago

    Girls normally say "I'm fine" when asked if they are okay. Go up to her and if she says "I'm fine" again look her straight in the eye and say "I know your not okay. Tell me what's wrong" doing this will show her that you care for her and she'll love it.

    If she likes you then she should tell you something. If she says I'm fine still then it's something that you don't need to know about. But yeah she was probably day dreaming about you.

    She probably likes you ;)

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  • 7 years ago

    Dunno mate

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