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How do I store open liquor?

The scotch and whiskey have been opened, and they're being stored in a dark cabinet. I put the open vodka, gin, schnapps, and liqueurs in the fridge. Do I really need to refrigerate any of those things? And is it ok to keep the scotch and whiskey at room temp? What do I do with opened wine?

My goal is to keep it all fresh and drinkable for as long as possible. I don't have any need to "age" anything, especially since I don't think stuff can age in a bottle anyway.

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    The best plan for your hard liquors, both the clear and brown is a cool, dark, dry spot. They will keep for years like that. For the whiskeys, scotch types, the biggest concern is color. If left out in the sun light they could loose their color and you’d be left with pale looking booze. As for the clear stuff, gin and vodka, the temptation is to refrigerate or even freeze these drinks. Don’t do it! Both gin and vodka are meant to have some water mixed with them. Usually this comes in the form of melted ice. If you have really cold alcohol and you pour it over ice it won’t melt it sufficiently to add the water. Without the water the alcohol punch from these drinks could be unpleasant and make it a challenge to choke down a glass.

    As for wine, once opened, as long as you re-cork and refrigerate, you have up to about 5 days to drink it before it will start to go off. I say just finish the bottle.

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    No, refrigeration is not necessary. If you plan on keeping it long term, meaning more than a few months, then closing it with the original cap or cork and keeping it in a cool dark place is sufficient. With opened wine, recork with the original cork. If it's expanded too much to put it back in the bottle, cork it with the other end or you can get generic corks in the kitchen section of Bed Bath and Beyond or Linens and Things to re-cork the bottle.

    If you're going to keep the remainder of the wine long term you'll want to refrigerate it and let red get to between 55 and 65 degrees before you serve it again. If the wine is a white drikning wine you'll want to serve it chilled anyway so it should always be in the fridge. if it's a dessert wine, chill it and ket it go to 55 degrees before serving. Sparkling wines should always be kept in the fridge after being opened.

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    The wine is gone. Cook with it. Everything else is fine.

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