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whats wrong with my "new" laptop?

my dad sent me his old laptop for Christmas. when i received it through FedEx, yesterday, i started it up, and it was fine, checked out the applications to make sure there were no viruses, then turned it off. today, i turn it of and as im setting up the internet access, it shows a blue screen, crashes (HARD), and restarts itself. now every time i turn it on, not matter which mode i start, when it hits the Windows XP (yes my dad is that cheap he does not choose to upgrade his systems) when it shows the start up screen, it restarts... again

whats wrong with my laptop?


how do i fix it?

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    restart your computer and press f8 before the starting windows thing and choose a debugging option...or right click my computer and then navigate to hardware and device manager and look for devices with exclamation marks next to it and either update or disable and enble....if it gives you the blue screen and error message with a certain file name then search and delete such screens are tricky :S

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  • 8 years ago

    That sounds about right, It booted up when you got it, It worked, you checked it out for viruses what else did you do? Now you blame your dad because the systems gone down, and call him cheap in the process.

    Now you can bring that old computer that your dad give you up to date December 31 2011 You can't get any more up dated than that,

    Windows is not the only operating system in the world there are others that you can download for FREE that are for superior. I have just downloaded two of them that have been released Today and I am running one now, It is NOT installed it is running from the CD drive,

    You see you don't actually need a hard drive to boot up a computer and do your work or get on the internet it can all be done using a CD, DVD or usb jump drive If you could do that with windows that would be great, but you can't

    You learn something for a change Go to this website and check out the latest December 2011 alternative operating systems releases.

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  • 8 years ago

    its a hardware mistake... check memories.. put it to service..

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