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How do you improve communication and reduce stress within family ties?

How do you reduce the stress felt within the family? How to have better communication with family members and have less conflict and hurt?

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    External conflict always mirrors internal conflict.

    When we are hurt or offended by someone's words, it is always because they have hit on something we are insecure about. When we are internally secure, then others words can bounce off of us.

    Therefore the clearest communication will always come when you have clarity in your own mind.

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    well I would say that the need for both mom and dad working is a detrimental aspect. there isn't any time for anything any more much less the family dinner. How many people do you know in your neighborhood? my grandma knew everyone and kids didn't do anything cause they knew that they would be found out. These days you don't know anyone really in the neighborhood, (and you might not want to) The days fly by. the best you can do is hope to have a day a week that you all can eat together when both parent's get to be home. Either that or it's hit and miss throughout the week.

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    improve communication reduce stress family ties

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    My parents were alcoholics and drug addicts, so to avoid conflict, I cut ties with them. It was a wise decision, one I wish I had made sooner.

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