Has any one heard about Titan High School?

Titan High School is a diploma mill or accredited high school?

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    1 decade ago
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    Titan High School is an unaccredited high school, they claim that it is accredited by Council for Accreditation of Online High Schools (CAOHS) which is also fake body, actually CAOH is also their site not an accreditation agency. The creation date of both sites is same as 05-Apr-2009. It’s a group of scammer who own three websites




    And their accreditation agencies




    According to whois.domaintools.com all owned by one person

    Registrant Name: Muhammad Yasir

    Registrant Company: Online Schooling Services

    Registrant Email Address: leo273@hotmail.com

    Registrant Address: House No. 3-4, Block No. G-19 Steel Town

    Registrant City: Karachi

    Registrant State/Region/Province: Sindh

    Registrant Postal Code: 75010

    Registrant Country: PK

    Registrant Tel No: +92.3212101977

    Registrant Fax No:

    Admin Name: Muhammad Yasir

    Admin Company: Online Schooling Services

    Admin Email Address: leo273@hotmail.com

    Admin Address: House No. 3-4, Block No. G-19 Steel Town

    Admin City: Karachi

    Admin State/Region/Province: Sindh

    Admin Postal Code: 75010

    Admin Country: PK

    Admin Tel No: +92.3212101977

    Admin Fax No:

    Tech Name: Muhammad Yasir

    Tech Company: Online Schooling Services

    Tech Email Address: leo273@hotmail.com

    Tech Address: House No. 3-4, Block No. G-19 Steel Town

    Tech City: Karachi

    Tech State/Region/Province: Sindh

    Tech Postal Code: 75010

    Tech Country: PK

    Tech Tel No: +92.3212101977

    Tech Fax No:

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