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Does anyone know of any good sites or books that give hints to describing characters?

I'm an aspiring writer, and I always have problems when it comes to effectively describing my characters. I'm looking for a good book or website that could give hints on how to do that!


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    Hey, there. I have plenty of advice on the subject of writing, being a writer myself (unpublished, but I have several works in progress). Absolute best book I can recommend on all aspects of writing is "On Writing" by Stephen King. It's utterly fantastic and that book changed my perspective on the craft forever.

    Some books for writers specifically about character description are:

    Elements of Writing Fiction - Characters & Viewpoint (Elements of Fiction Writing) by Orson Scott Card

    Characters, Emotion and Viewpoint: Techniques and Exercises For Crafting Dynamic Characters and Effective Viewpoints (Write Great Fiction) by Nancy Kress

    Creating Characters With Personality: For Film, TV, Animation, Video Games, and Graphic Novels by Tom Bancroft and Glen Keane

    Writer's Guide to Character Traits by Dr. Linda Edelstein

    Creating Unforgettable Characters by Linda Seger

    Creating Character Emotions by Ann Hood

    The Force of Character: And The Lasting Life by James Hillman

    Getting Into Character: Seven Secrets a Novelist Can Learn From Actors by Brandilyn Collins

    As far as websites go, I have plenty of suggestions. Try:

    On this page we see what a real author thinks about what is most important in character description:

    These pages feature excellent discussions about the same question you just asked.

    And this is a great exercise to go through to help you organize your thoughts on how you will describe your character:

    Also, if you need additional help please feel free to shoot me an email. I love writing and everyone that I know says I'm very good at it. Character description is one of my specialties. And I love talking about writing, I could go on about it for hours. So just let me know if you would like me to preview something for you or give you ideas on how a particular character could be described. :)

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    those who call there young children they might like the meaning in spite of the indisputable fact that it does not mean they are going to be like that once they improve up. they might decide on it for beginning or some kin call and by no potential imagine of the meaning. i imagine some author's do this too. i imagine if you're saying ok this personality is going to be the villain so therefore the call meaning is going to intend evil. i imagine it fairly is ridiculous I doubt the nature's determine would call them that except they needed there infant to augment up and be evil. Like one among my villains is termed Serenity (non violent Disposition) I did that because one I loved the call and 2 because i assumed even as she replaced into born she wasn't evil and wasn't a villain of direction. Her determine's loved her and had extreme hopes for her. i love having a acceptance very diverse that there personality something that would not in high-quality condition them that's exciting to me. even as choosing a acceptance for my characters I do seem at meaning yet I also imagine about the nature even as they were first born. Is there an beginning the determine decide on like are they greek therefore choosing a greek call. Is there a kin call they might bypass on or a acceptance with a that signifies it fairly is substantial to them. So I supply a honest little bit of idea even as naming a personality. - Cass EDIT: i do not seem up the that technique of each and every call I see in a unique. and likewise if the author had a particular clarification for the call it had more desirable effective be contained in the unconventional someplace in the different case the reader would not comprehend. So i imagine the author can call the nature what ever they decide on and how ever they decide on. yet when there's a particular clarification for the call it could be written contained in the unconventional. Like not too many anybody is going to allure to close why I named my villians Serenity (non violent Disposition) and Corona (Crown) yet that wasn't substantial therefore i'm the only human being who's conscious or cares. even if it really is substantial i'd positioned the particular that technique of the call or nicknames interior the unconventional if it replaced into relevent. wish it fairly is sensible.

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  • 1 decade ago is a really great site. She gives tips, advice and stories on so many great things, and there are a couple of articles about character develpment.

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