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Carpal Tunnel?

I have carpal tunnel, I wanted some ideas on how to help it heal. I really don't want to see a doctor or physical therapist because I feel bad that my parents will have to pay so much money for it. It isn't that severe so I'm hoping I can help it before it gets too bad. If you know any exercises or ways to help it heal, please tell me. Websites are good too. If you have never experienced carpal tunnel or aren't a doctor of some kind, please don't answer this question or at least tell me that you how you know the information, because I don't want to do something wrong and make it worse. Thanks!

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    actually you can get a rubberband and put it around all your fingers and stretch the rubberband, its supposed to help... well thats what a LVN told me because i think i have carpal tunnel

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    I really don't advise giving out exercises to patient's I have never examined, but it is certainly safe to give you some tips to help reduce the pain and further progression of the problem. First, is that the hyperextended position of the wrist is often a culprit...especially if you do a lot of typing. If you are resting your palms on the desk as you type, you are putting a lot of pressure on the carpal tunnel. Next, consider taking rest breaks from repetitive activities that involve your hand. Finally, consider getting a simple wrist brace with a metal stay (available at CVS, Walgreens, Target) and remove the metal stay and flatten it out except for the part that accomodates to the heal of your hand (most are in the hyperextended position...check it before you wear it) before reinserting it. These can be worn at night to prevent you from inadertently putting the wrist in a bad position. Some people will even wear them during the day until their acute symptoms resolve.

    If these simple things do not help decrease your problem, I would certainly recommend you see a hand therapist which can be an OT or a PT. Let them decide what exercises are appropriate for you after they evaluate you.

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    I am sorry that your wrist(s) is/are not well. How thoughtful of you to consider your parents in this situation.

    I will begin by letting you know that I am a certified massage therapist. I would like to give you a little information on what is known as the carpal tunnel. The carpal tunnel is a narrow space created in your wrist between a protective sheath of connective tissue called the flexor retinaculum and the carpal bones that make up the wrist/hand. In this small space 9 tendons and a major nerve called the median nerve pass through. Tendons are connective tissue that attach muscle to bone. The tendons in the carpal tunnel move....A LOT... which can sometimes cause trouble! Any time there is irritation or swelling of any structure in this tiny "tunnel", things get really tight. The tightness can put pressure on the median nerve causing numbness, tingling and even pain in the hand, thumb, index and middle fingers . Swelling in the carpal tunnel often occurs when a person does some hand/wrist action repeatedly such as typing, texting, painting or playing video games to name a few. It is important to note that there may be other underlying conditions that can cause the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome and that you MUST see a doctor to rule these out before making any assumptions. CTS(carpal tunnel syndrome) does not always require surgery especially if you catch it early. With that in mind, you can try a few things to see if they help.

    Pay attention to see what you may be doing with your hands that might possibly be compromising your carpal tunnel. Avoid them and any repetitive wrist/hand action whenever possible. Rest of the area with periods of immobility are important. Cool packs can help with inflammation and swelling. You can purchase a wrist splint at a department store (such as walmart) which will keep you from bending/twisting your wrist. Wearing a device like this throughout the day but especially while you sleep will help greatly. Your wrist needs time to heal(at least 2 weeks maybe more).

    Please see a doctor and get a true diagnosis. He or she can rule out other conditions which can cause the same symptoms and make suggestions to help you. Many of these conditions are easily treated. I assume since you are concerned about your parents, that you are still young which means you need to treat this condition as soon as possible. Left untreated, CTS may cause permanent median nerve damage.


    Source(s): I am a certified massage therapist
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    carpel tunnel is from repetitive motion like factory work typing etc. most most cost effective way with out of surgery is goto rite aid or same as and get a brace for that hand and wear it for 12 hours a day. that will give you rest in the wrist. last resort is surgery and that is still not 100%

    also use the brace during the time you type or your activity that causes it.

    i assume you might not know what causes this. it is where you wrist gets inflamed and causes swelling. by resting it allows the swelling to go down. you can see you doc and get a script for swelling

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    The most important advice is to reduce the repetitive action of the wrist which is why you should try getting a high quality wrist brace that will last with daily use. You can find orthopedic quality (same as the doctors have at their offices)wrist braces right here: http://www.dme-direct.com/catalog/index.php?cPath=...

    I would also try this wrist ice gel wrap which helps reduce pain and inflamation. It can be used at work and at home and is a great product for this specific problem: http://www.dme-direct.com/wrist-ice-pack-cold-wrap...

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    Also, you can find splints for your wrist, shouldn't be that expensive. find someone else that has them or thrift store. That will help. You have to wear them at night. Try not doing things that make it worse.

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    s it is generally irritated by something that you do with you hand a lot. a repetitive motion. Maybe texing , typing , etc.

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