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Advice needed: I'm a Justin Bieber fan but my new step bro looks like him?

I'm a 16 year old girl and my new 13 year old stepbrother has been living with us for almost a year and we get along great. The problem is I think the teen singer Justin Bieber is hot and I'm a big fan, but my cute stepbro is starting to look a lot like a younger version of Justin, so I don't know what to do. I'm wondering is it OK to have a bit of a crush on my stepbrother, especially since he's not blood related to me at all?

here's a pic of my stepbro so you can decide for youself if he looks like Justin:

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    It's fine to have a crush, but I wouldn't recommend trying to push it any further.

    Especially as he's so young!

    Wait a few years, til he's gone through puberty, if you still like him, then maybe think about it.

    You're not blood related, so that doesn't pose a problem.

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    It is not advised to like your step brother but if he isn't blood related it isn't morally wrong but soem people would argue it. But if it's only a small crush it will pass with age, just don't make any moves on him as he will probally freek?

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    i think its not nice to have crush on ur step brother, he is very young. this is some sort of attraction.plz remove these type of thoughts from ur mind

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    ya he looks like a young Justin, i guess its ok to have a crush on you step brother if he looks like your crush...

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