What is EV Training?!?!?!?

I have played Pokemon for about 10 years in my life, and i constantly hear people talk about EV Training. I tried looking it up online, but i don't understand the steps. I know its a big stat booster, and it has something to do with the number 252, but how do you do do it? (Simplest answers preferred)

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  • Iggy
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    When you hear someone say that their Pokemon has 252 Att / 4 Sp. Def / 252 Speed, that means that their Pokemon has 252 EVs in both Attack and Speed, and 4 EVs in Special Defense. The most EVs you can get in one stat is 255, although it is recommended that you stop at 252 EVs becuase for every four EVs you get in one stat, that base stat will raise by one, meaning that you can get a Pokemon's base stat up to 63 points, (disregarding Natures and IVs of course,) greater than they would normally be, (252 / 4 = 63, so you get your 63rd point added to your base stat once you hit 252 EVs.) A Pokemon can only have a total of 510 EVs, however, meaning that you can only EV train two stats up to 255, (but it is recommended that you train your stats up to 252 each so that you have enough left over to use the remaining four EVs in another stat.) You aren't required to get 252 EVs in one stat, however. If you have a Pokemon with well balanced stats, you can EV train all of them at once, (just note that a Pokemon can only have up to 510 EVs though, so try to keep track of your EVs.) For an example, (disregarding Natures,) if you have a level 100 Pikachu with 0 EVs in Speed and it goes up against a level 100 Pikachu with 252 EVs in Speed, the second Pikachu's base Speed Stat will be 63 points greater than the first Pikachu's.

    You probably didn't know this, but every time you defeat a Pokemon, you are essentially EV training because every Pokemon that you defeat gives you a certain number of EVs in a certain stat. Because of this, it is NOT recommended that you EV train your main Pokemon team, because all of their EVs will be messed up.

    When EV training, you generally want to EV train stats that best benefit your Pokemon to better utilize their high base stats. An example of this is a Sneasel has a very high base Speed Stat and a fairly high base Attack and all of its other stats aren't worth EV training since they are so low. When you start out EV training, the first thing you want to do is feed it vitamins. Vitamins give your Pokemon a free 10 EVs [in a certain stat] for every vitamin you give it, (you can only give your Pokemon up to 10 of the same vitamin though,) meaning that you can get 100 free EVs in one stat before you even start to EV train.

    Here is a list of the Vitamins and what stat they give EVs in.

    HP Up - +HP |

    Protein - +Att |

    Iron - + Def |

    Calcium - + Sp. Att |

    Zinc - + Sp. Def |

    Carbos - + Spd |

    After you feed your Pokemon vitamins, it's time to start EV training. Every time you defeat a Pokemon, you get EVs in a certain stat. For an example, a Magikarp has an EV yield of 1 Speed EV. This means that every time you defeat a Magikarp, (regardless of the level of the Magikarp,) you get one Speed EV, and since you need four EVs to raise your base stat by one, you need to defeat four Magikarp to raise your Pokemon's base Speed stat by one. When EV training, you want to make sure that you are only defeating Pokemon that give you EVs in the stat(s) you are training,

    You can see a list of Pokemon and their EV yield here.


    There are also certain items that boost the amount of EVs you would normally get. An example of this is a Power Belt. If you give a Power Belt, (or any EV boosting item,) to your Pokemon, then you will get an additional four EVs every time your Pokemon wins a battle. A Power Belt only gives EVs in Defense, however, so even if your Pokemon defeated a Magikarp, (which gives one Speed EV,) if your Pokemon was holding a Power Belt, it would gain four EVs in Defense, (this is a good way to EV train two or more stats at once, or a way to gain EVs in one stat very quickly.) These items also stack with Pokerus.

    There is also a very rare Pokemon disease that your Pokemon can get called Pokerus. Basically, it doubles the amount of EVs that you would normally get. For an example, if you were fighting a Sandshrew, (which gives one Defense EV,) and your Pokemon has Pokerus, then you would get two EVs in Defense instead of one. If your Pokemon was holding an EV boosting item, however, (such as a Power Belt,) then it would double the total amount of EVs you would get. You would normally get five Defense EVs for every Shandshrew you defeat with a Power Belt, but if your Pokemon has Pokerus, then it gets double to ten for every Sandshrew you defeat. Note that while Pokerus will stay in your Pokemon forever, it is only contagious for the first 48 hours after you acquire it. The best thing to do is to put the infected Pokemon in your Party and there's a chance that it will infect your other Pokemon. After that, store the infected Pokemon in your PC because it essentially freezes the "contagious" clock, meaning that your infected Pokemon will remain infected as long as its in the PC.

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  • Ryu
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    The way stats are developed are based on EVs (effort values).

    Each Pokemon you defeat in battle, gives you EVs. Depending on the Pokemon, they give different stat EVs (for example, defeating Zubat gives you 1 Speed EV)

    For every 4 EVs you gain in a stat, your stat raises by 1 point. 252, the number you mentioned is the most amount of EVs you can have in a single stat (technically its 255, but 255 isn't divisible by 4, so 3 points would be wasted). 510 can be accumulated total, meaning you can max out a total of 2 stats.

    So while in the beginning of the game, you really dont' have control over what Pokemon you encounter, for competitive battling, people specifically fight certain Pokemon to raise a certain stat.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Serebii.net has a really good EV guide. Sorry I don't have the link, but EV's are effort values you receive every time you knock out a Pokemon. Each Pokemon has different EV's it awards, so for instance if you fight marill your pokemon's HP will increase and if you fight basculin your receive more speed.

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    you could ev any quantity of stats u prefer, yet u wont be waiting to max out the stats. definite u can in basic terms feed 10 of each supplements, es ev education does count while u r wifi battling even lvl a hundred battles

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  • 7 years ago

    this is my method I use in pokemon black 2

    I go to the battle subway and get enough points to buy a power lens, power bracer, ect

    they raise certain stats more when you level up, but they lower speed.

    (im not sure if the lower speed is true because when you buy something that helps the defense it will say

    raises defense with level up, but lowers speed.

    and when you buy a speed one it says

    raises speed with level up, but lowers speed)

    poke logic -__- hope this helped

    Source(s): my bf is a mega virgin and showed me lol
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