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Okay we know that the two moon in august thing is a hoax and we still have a few days until it is over on the 27th and there are still a few idiots asking about it yet. I guess if they can't find the search bar there's not much hope of seeing two moons. I know this is not the place for polls. But since we have had to endure these stupid questions for so long now, I'm taking a poll in this category.

How many people will come onto yahooanswers on the 27th and ask "Has anyone been able to see the two moons? I can't see them yet. What direction am I supposed to look?" or anything similar to that.

I will do my best to add and time ends at midnight Central time.

The closest guess wins or the first to guess the correct number. Only guess one number- no ranges like 'between twenty and thirty'.

Good luck.


Don't come here looking for 2 points. If you don't understand the question- don't answer it.

Update 2:

Results are in. The correct answer was 4. I thought it would be much higher. I did not include 'in what direction will mars be seen tonight' as that technically could have been a legitimate science question. I only counted those who were actually outside looking for the two moons. I want to thank everyone who participated and those who corrected the masses who asked about two moons. Thanks to everyone for allowing me to have a little fun here. Now, it's off to 2012 lol.

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    5 people I guess.

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  • Unlike some who have answered Im able to read all that you wrote before the A.D.D. kicks in .. anyhow seems all the hoaxes of late have to do with the 27 of this month.. go figure. So Im thinking we could get into the hundreds here with both the moon crap and the Mars crap as well and any that I have missed...

    Anyway Im going to put my number at good old 100,....

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  • How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer.
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    Source(s): Square root of the number of hits on the search phrase "August 27" rounded up to the next integer.
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    Like you, I've become disgusted with the general lack of competency or understanding of the Internet community in general after seeing all the posts about this topic.

    I'll vote for 200, but I believe that we'll still be seeing questions pop up in September saying something like "Oops, I missed it, did someone get pictures of the 2 moon thing"?

    Sad thing is, that after it's done, all we'll get are questions about Moon landing conspiracy's and UFOs

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  • GeoffG
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    Judging by the number of posts on Perseid night, I'd guess 200.

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    Wow, I didn't know there were going to be 2 moons. That's awsome. Has anyone been able to see them yet? What direction am I supposed to look?

  • Jon G
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    I agree with one of the people above me, the Perseid people were relentless, and that was a *real* phenomenon which most ended up figuring out on their own, so I'm gonna go with


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    i know it's urban legend. i have clicked on three differently phrased questions about this, and you keep popping up. it's becoming kind of fun.// i answered 4 hours ago but i had to post again. i am truly, deeply, amazed by this phenomena. have a good day.

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