how to forgive someone that doesn't respect you but you meet him everyday?

i think i can not forget about a guy that treated me this way; when one day we went out with a female friend. When we sat together to eat lunch, he offered us to try his fried rice. But then when I said it was delicious, he did not respond. He looked me a while before we started eating. When my female friend responded, he responded to her. Then we talked. Because they talked about religion, I was quite. Then after that in the way to go back to office, when i talked to him, he responded to me by laugh. But to my female friend he talked nicely. This kinda put me in kinda bad feeling.

What does it mean and why he behaved like that to me ?

Another thing that still disturbs my mind is that he almost never look at me when i said goodbye or go home first to him. But to my other friends, include my female friends he is not like that.

I had crush to this person but now what I feel is an annoying feeling. This disturbs me and I would like to ask him what was this about just im not sure. I meet this guy every work days so I'm afraid if I would make him more distance. And its not good as we meet every work days. Another reason I feel like annoying feelings is he is very visual person. I witnessed him sitting and watching every young sexy girls pass by.

Now, more days to day I feel bad feeling about him. Especially when I remember those two things above, that he does not look at me when i say goodbye to him. Or when he really made differences between me and my friend, how he did not respond to me but just to my female friend.

Please tell me how to tell him about this. I dont want to make him feel guilty cause we meet every work days. Even now I feel more annoying feeling toward him rather than likeness.

Like today, he made a joke that used me. I know he used me to show the joke to his female friends. But I really feel annoyed by him already very much. So I just see it as negativity. And I feel my negative feelings to him is bigger day to day.

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    7 years ago
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    Tbh give him ataste of his medecine. Brush him off, ignore him, just act like he's nothing more than a speck of dust. He'll get the message. If he doesn't then confront him. He might realise he actually likes you if you show some anger, passion, spunk etc. Start taking control and talking to other people. Move on from him, he's a jerk Hope this helped. If I didn't know better, what with his arrogance, I'd say he liked you but was shy, but clearly not if he's rude. There's a plain difference. Sorry for what he put you through :)

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    7 years ago

    You forgive don`t ever forget. You forgive him by understanding that he is still immature and this is how the immature act. You tell him by not communicating with him or being friendly towards him. Just keep it professional.

  • 7 years ago

    Two possibilies come to my mind. Either he tries to make you jealous by giving his attention to other females when you are present, or then he knows you have crush on him, and he behaves badly, because he does not want that. Which ever it is, his behavior is not acceptable and he is making you feel bad and annoyed. I think you should ignore him and treat him like any other co worker, keep things cool.

  • 7 years ago

    Forget about him. He doesn't deserve all your attention with an attitude like that. Meet a new guy that would respect you better.

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  • 7 years ago

    He is try to know that did you notice him.

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