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Junko asked in TravelAsia PacificPhilippines · 9 years ago

Is it sensical to be PROUD to be Filipino?

...or your race itself? I mean, shouldn't pride come because of your own individual accomplishments?

Honestly, I think a lot of Filipinos have toooo much pride. Haven't you noticed? In my school, so many Filipinos especially the guys, wear clothing with Philippine Flag or Manny P's image. And when someone's half-Filipino and she/he has great accomplishments and contributions to the Global community you see comments saying "Filipino pride!"

Don't get me wrong, I'm Filipino myself but I believe it doesn't define myself that much...actually a lot of Filipinos are saying that very same sentence "your race does not define you as an individual" after the Tragic hostage incident. Yet there are still a lot of "Filipino Pride!!!" could having too much pride be one of the factors why the Philippines is not developing as fast?

Thank you for the respectful answers.


@surot - what movie? Is it Glee?

Update 2:

@Neo'to Remember - Immaturity? I couldn't agree more. I know about 3 Filipinas acting like they're 9 y/os when they're in their 20s, and I'm only 15 (in the US too)...I think they think it's cute when they act like they're 4th graders?. My dad has the same problem, and he's 50.

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    that's the same prerogative thinking as i am, people particularly the foreign one often judge us pinoys as one and all in all in generalitivity, but oftentimes they don't realize, we each have our own minds to contemplate and compensate with its wonders, so therefore the fault of one (example, rolando mendoza) cannot be deem as legitimate enough so as to cover up the whole general people,.particularly the philippines,...(that is just stereotyping),

    the reason why most people are just so oversentimentality proud even to the fact of small trivial unimportant reports such as a filipina was part of an american movie that will be releasing next month, probably because of something they couldn't dissuade nor flaunt anything else for the world to see besides, the philippine economic downturn, or the crimes and wars,

    so they take up even to the smallest achivements of some unknown random pinoys around the world, as an important inspiration into this "messy" country

    edit: its camp rock 2,..so what if there are two filipinos that is part of the movie?,..ITS LIKE HOLLERING AND BRAGGING ALL ABOUT IT IN THE MEDIA, CAN ACTUALLY MAKE ME RICH OR THE COUNTRY FAR BETTER?!,

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    This is a interesting question. First I am a foreigner living in the philippines for a few years. I have pretty good experience with the philippines, I have lived in Subic, Angeles, and cebu. Im pretty sure you can tell why I am here.

    Now my opinion is overall there isn't that much to be proud about. Manny is a good boxer though. But I think overall the philippines is a pretty screwed up country. But before you start to destroy your computer. (or the internet cafe's computer) I think individually the filipinos are very great people... If your thinking positive, The positive parts are people are not so damn fat here. Most filipinos are very nice and friendly. The girls can be very pretty. You like to have fun. ....Like anything there are bad parts to the filipinos. Such as... Spitting, coughing without covering your mouth, chewing with mouth open, eating dogs, baluts, dried fish, chicken feet etc. GOLDDIGGERS. (though that sometimes turns into a good thing) but the one that really gets to me is overall immaturity. a filipino between the ages of 18-30 has the maturity of a 8-16 year old. Then the 40 year olds act like 20-30 year olds. the worst part is I cannot have a conversation over a serious subject with someone who is the same age as me.

    But I still love my FILIPINOS :)

    Source(s): lived in multiple cities in the philippines, lived in pi for a few years.
  • wise
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    3 years ago

    Define Sensical

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Tee shirts with Manny or the Philippine Flag are normal and a good thing.

    During my last visit I saw lots of black polo shirts with a small logo of the Philippine islands that looked very classy.

    On the other hand there is a dark side of a few Filipinos who are all puffed up like little roosters full of pride for no good reason.

    Filipinos have many things to be proud of.

    Source(s): Proverbs 16:18 "Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall."
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  • lezah
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    9 years ago

    I think the way you do.

    I guess that a country which has lagged farther and farther behind compared with its neighbors is nothing to be proud of. Sorry fellow Pinoys, but facts are facts, and the numbers show it, be it comparative GNP, investments, casualties in hostilities in the south, corruption index, population growth, poverty level, literacy, or other key figure.

    Pride in someone else's international achievements, whether Lea Salonga, Manny Pacquio or whoever, thus seems like Filipinos grasping at straws --- they're a bit of good news while we're collectively drowning in problems.

  • Ra
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    9 years ago

    yep, but it's old news. Though just bear in mind we're far from being the only nation that houses radical patriots. At this point, there's someone in Japan, US, UK etc badgering about all the overly proud individuals in their respective countries. So it's debatable whether having too much national pride is a major contributor to slow eco/socio growth.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    preach it sista. but its not just filipinos; every race has those types. i think the main reason for this type of behavior is two-fold: first, it is learned. people just copy what they see others do. second, usually it is a minority group (minority in some capacity, ie. to the world media, etc) that is demonstrative in this sentiment because they are usually made to feel neglected and inferior in some way by the majorities. so they want to let the world know they are not ashamed of their heritage, but go overboard and overcompensate with all that pride nonsense

  • 9 years ago

    good point. first of all, we should be proud of WHAT we are. that's reason enough.

    now let me emphasize your last statement. (aside from the thank you)

    like this quote: "Prayers don't need proof. Prayers need practice."

    It's good to say our pride aloud. But the practice should definitely come first. We should see to it that we do as we say.

    Personally, I am PROUD to be a Filipino not because of the achievements of our country today(but perhaps the brave and venerable countrymen who are now part of our RESPECTED history).

    I am proud to be a Filipino because of this country itself. I believe this land is naturally blessed with millions of WONDERS and it deserves to be a BETTER nation.

    Let's start doing what we can today to help our beloved mother land. I believe that everyone can make a difference in his/her own ways.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    They see the doughnut not the hole; they applaud pacman when he wins; they jubilate when charise takes on the international stage; they clap n clap as their own fil-am who made it to hollywood though the same disowns them.

    Yet they make a mockery of the major, major venus raj to their own destruction, when she brought honor, albeit 4th place.

    The absurdity and irony of it all is, this pinoy pride is the most proclaimed by the educated who should know better.

  • 9 years ago

    If we can't be proud of our nation, then who will? Americans?

    It is normal to feel that way, after all we are Filipinos and it is just as good as giving yourself a good start in every undertakings, with self respect and identity..

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