How do you layer eyelash extensions?

Can anyone who does eyelash extensions, like Xtreme Lashes, or any other type, share what the layering technique is? We didn't get shown it in training but it is all over the Xtreme lashes website.

What is eyelash extension layering and what is the process?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    here is what i do.

    i like to make a illusion type thing.

    If you wear dark makeup this would work better for you.

    Get your eyelash extensions and put like about 8 on your water line.

    aka lash line.

    after you have done that you wanna get 6 and put them above the ones you just put on. then one more time with 4 lashes. you wanna put them over the ones you jut put on. this will make it look Layer. know apply dark makeup to the eyelid so people cant tell that you are wearing fake eyelashes. apply mascara's to make them look bolder and better looking(:

    i hope i have help(:



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