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How is the way to reduce stress?

I'm stressed because i'm an introvert. I have a problem. But, I share my problems to my family? Can you make me happier?

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    You can do yoga, aroma theraphy, sit in a tub full of warm water, lis-

    ten to some music, meditate, read, cross-stitch, etc.

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    I'm an introvert, for the most part, too. In my experience, I reduce stress by accepting and embracing my introverted side. Through my own introspection, I see that most of my stress comes from me having to conform and maintain various relationships. So I take time out to be alone and enjoy my own company. For me, solitude allows me to think and act and freely as can be hoped for without fear of reprocussions. Even when I'm at my busiest and most social, taking about two hours a day to be by myself does wonders.

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    Introversion is one of the most misunderstood concepts in Psychology. What it means is that your brain doesn't need so much stimulation to get going. You can create your own inner world.

    Because of this being around other people can overstimulate an Introvert to feeling overwhelmed.

    Extroverts need other people around them to kick start their brain. They feel under stimulated and so uncomfortable without being around people.

    Having spent years studying happiness and writing a book, 'The 32 Building Blocks of Happiness'.

    I have come up with a definition of happiness.

    It's the freedom to be yourself fully, plus a focus on something greater than your sense of self.

    This is where the increased self-consciousness of an Introvert can inhibit happiness by preventing yourself fully being yourself. And also by being a little self-obsessed (for lack of a better word).

    So the problem becomes a bigger deal, in your mind, than it really is. And because you focus on that, your sense of perspective shrinks and your world becomes smaller. Therefore it becomes an even bigger deal and you feel stuck.

    Where Introversion helps,is that you usually have a clearer sense of self. What you're about?

    What cause do you really care about?

    What's your mission in life?

    You have to use that insight and be brave enough to share and express that with the world. In that expression, your focus goes out beyond yourself and you grow as a person. In that growth comes the solution to your problems. Of course, the problems also seem diminished because they occupy less of your thoughts relatively.

    I hope this helps.

    Best of luck,


  • I tell many people this:

    Sit down, forget about your problems and get lost in a book.

    Find a creative activity you enjoy.

    No. I cannot make you happier. No one can. It is something you need to pull yourself out of.

    People don't make people happy. It is an illusion your brain sets forth. What makes people happy is their thought.

    I think someone is wasting their time trying to make me happy, so I feel better about myself, knowing that I am important enough to at least one person that they have wasted time on me.

    Find yourself, love yourself. Only then will you be truly happy.

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    Semua masalah didunia ini tdk ada yg tak terselesaikan.

    1.Masalah apapun didunia ujung2nya adalah harta.

    Maka relakan apapun harta itu akan dipergunakan toh nantinya akan dapat dicari juga.

    2.Kembalikan masalah yg dihadapi kepada yg memberikannya.Jangan ambil resiko dng terus memendamnya tanpa penyelesaian,karena Tuhanmu yg kan bisa menyelesaikannya.

    3.Tetaplah berkeyakinan bahwa masalah akan terselesaikan dng dua alternatip diatas.

    4.Pandanglah bahwa masih banyak masalah yg sedang dihadapi oleh saudara2 kita yg lain,bahkan lebih berat dari kita.

    5.Percayalah bahwa apa yg sedang terjadi adalah pelajaran dari Tuhanmu untuk kamu menuju kepada yg lebih baik.

    So be happy everyday

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    you need to hang otu with your friends...!!!!! and always smile...... gosh lfie is so beautiful... I know I feel you... you have too much problemsss and you feel that you just want to die.. Ive been there and im still there actually but I keep smiling and praying that I hope one day when I wake up .. everything will be fine...... There is always hope everyday morning...lets say every tomorrow.....

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    i was really shy when i was younger. i realized that everybody is so concerned about themselves they weren't paying attention to me - & then I couldn't care less. Now I'm very outgoing & I try to smile at everyone regardless of what an *** they are. and i feel better

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    Sure :) deep Breathing with some useful yoga poses at home, will help you for sure. You can take this free yoga e-course, it is good for you:

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    meditate,u r an introvert so try speaking 2 u r friends,what ever u try to speak or want 2 speak don't do it alone try 2 look in the mirror and then speak this will help.try it.

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    i <3 you

    Source(s): that should make you sooo happy because i'm awesome
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