I don't know what to do..I feel like this is the only option please help :'(?

This first started when I was 12. This 23 Year old guy asked me for pictures(you know what kind) So I gave them to him. So far 5 different boys have seen me 3 of them over 18. I feel so stupid they all pretended to love me and I fell for it I feel so stupid. And I'm 15 now and my heart will be broken for the LAST time. There was this boy we kind of dated for 4 months we went through some rough spots but he promised to always love me..He told me that he would never stop loving me. And today was the day that he did. I put him through heck and once my attitude towards him started getting better is when he stopped loving me. I mean he had cheated on me before and given me MANY reason not to trust him. And once I did trust him then he goes and breaks my heart like this. I shouldn't be surprised this is what every single guy does to me. But now I feel so used. No truly good guy that I might meet in the fututre that would actually love me would want to go out with me once they find out that I'm a slut..I wish that I could just go back and change EVERYTHING. I'm going to wait until I get old enough to marry before I start to think about dating ever again..But now I just feel so worthless and I just feel so dirty and disgusting..Not worthy of life.. I just want to die..I know what I have done is wrong..and i should have known that no guy could ever like me for more than a few months..no one does..Can someone please give me advice on how to forget about this..Its really making my life miserable..to know that I have failed me ,my family, and god really hurts me. I don't deserve to live this life if I cant live it right :'( I'm just so mad at myself.

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  • Tia
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    8 years ago
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    Everyone makes mistakes - you need to forgive yourself for that, and learn from it.

    Problem with boys, particularly your age, they can be really fickle. Their feelings don't stay the same. This happens to girls too.

    I know you're feeling really down but you have to remember that life gets better. No matter how bad the heartache, It will ease with time. You just have to be patient, be kind to yourself.

    Also remember that nothing you could ever do would hurt your family more than the pain of losing you.

  • 8 years ago

    Your right what you did was bad, but people make mistakes. When you are still young you tend to not think about things throughly. alot of girls do stupid **** like this because they want to feel love and be in love, so they think by doing whatever the guy says will make them fall in love with them. Honestly though, never listen to a guy specially if the say" If you love me you'll do it" and try to make you feel guilty about not doing what they say. Just think of this as a learning experience and be careful what you do or give anyone because you really can't trust anyone. Don't be so hard on yourself. There's a bunch of other girls in the world that have done the exact same thing.

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