are natural remedies the same as herbal remedies? if not what is the difference?

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    Yes they are the same, except natural is much more broad. Natural remedies is a broad category of all things natural that are remedies...herbs are herbal remedies are one part of that category.

    Kind of like how Californians and Americans are the same thing....but Americans is one broad category, and Californians are just one group within that category.

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  • In a way, however natural remedies includes many more areas, such as Essential oils, Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements, Traditional Chinese Medicine remedies, Ayurvedic remedies, Homeopathic remedies.

    So, Herbal remedies are considered natural, however natural remedies is a broad term for many different things that come from natural. Although the above mentioned remedies, most come from plants, when they are made into their different forms (essential oils, homeopathic), they are no longer considered herbs.

    Hope that helps.

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    Herbal remedies are natural, but not all natural remedies are herbal. Herbal remedies are those that come from plants, or herbs. The scientific name for herbal medicine is phytotherapy.

    Natural remedies are basically anything that is not manufactured or has to be bought. It can include herbs, spices, foods, water [heat and cold, called hydrotherapy], and light [natural or otherwise, called phototherapy].

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    Today on the markets you will find a lot of 'natural' but that does not always mean that all the ingredients the product are natural.When I use something to heal my body most of the time I would say I use herbal but when I am talking about my shampoo,deodorant ,toothpaste,house cleaners I would say I am using natural.

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    yes, one doesn't work naturally and the other doesn't work herbally.

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    well the term "ALTERNATIVE HEALTH" encompasses a broad spectrum of treatment modalities and some of them actually most of them ARE natural (remedies) and within that segment are herbal remedies which are natural and one type of alternative health treatment involving the use of herbs to cure and prevent disease.

    Here are some of the types of alternative health modalities to help heal etc and I will follow it with some that are natural: (taken from the book "little giant encyclopedia of natural healing" (does not include all of them but most of them..I may have left out a dozen or so) they ones with the star are systems of medicine that offer use many of the various modalities to heal. (marked like this **this system**

    here is an alphabetical list of various alternative health modalities:


    -absent healing (also referred to as faith healing),



    -Alexander technique,

    -aromatherapy (using concentrated plant extracts to heal via smell and the skin and ingestion in some incidences)

    -art therapy,

    -aura analysis,

    -amna (a type of Japanese massage),

    -applied kinesiology,

    -autogenic training ( a kind of self induced relaxation technique developed by a neurologist),

    -**Ayurvedic***( a system that uses many modalities to rebalance the energy life force (called chi, prana and so forth) using things like diet,herbs and practical aids like baths, breathing, enemas, massage, medication and so forth)


    -Bach flower essences (a type of homeopathy used to heal the emotions and change the personality)

    -bates method (vision therapy),

    -behavior therapy,

    -biochemics (restoring and maintaining natural mineral salts),


    -biorhythm diagnosis,

    -breathing therapy


    -chakra therapy,

    -**Chinese medicine**,


    -christian healing (healing beliefs held by people related to their belief system (like healing shrines, holy water/places, blessed oils, faith healing..)

    - color therapy,

    -crystal/gem therapy,

    -cupping, (warm cups placed on skin to improve blood flow)

    cymatics (using sound waves to heal),


    -dance movement therapy,

    -dietary therapies (encompasses a wide variety of diets such as macrobiotic, vegan, raw, allergy or gluten free diets, detoxification diets, vegetarian diets, weight reducing, fasting, juice therapy, mega-vitamins and so forth),

    -do-in (Chinese self massage)

    -dream therapy


    -EFT (tapping)

    -electrotherapy (more used as part of allopathy)

    -encircling (using circles for healing)

    -encounter therapy


    -faith healing

    -feldenkra method (exercises to realign the spine etc improving posture and general health)

    -feng shui (positioning of buildings, furniture, rooms and objects to achieve harmony with nature)

    -fertility amulets and rituals

    -flotation therapy (floating in a tank of warm water to achieve deep relaxation)


    -guided imagery


    -healing amulets (charms for preventing and curing disease and illness like charms, amulets (horseshoes etc), talismans, and mascots

    -herbal medicine (note --Chinese herbalists use in addition to plant herbs things like bone, hair, horn or skin),

    also aromatherapists and some others may also using herbal plants in their practice


    -hydrotherapy (the use of water to heal--hot/cold water in all its forms (liquid/gaseous and solid--frozen)..and various ways of applying it (in a pool, in a sitz bath, in a shower, spas, steam rooms, hot/cold springs, compresses, wraps, ice packs, sea water, water pressure, using water/shower filters etc



    -ion therapy (using charged air particles to heal)

    -iridology (diagnosing through studying the iris of the eye)


    -kinesiology )(assessing and treatment based on muscle reaction to light tough or substances)

    -laying on of hands

    -leeching (use of leeches for medical purposes (this is used by allopaths for instance to help in reattaching a scalp ripped off but one could say it was natural as it uses an animal that is part of nature)


    -macrobiotics ( a specific diet)

    -magnetism (using magnets to heal (also used by allopaths to diagnose as in mris)

    -manipulative therapies--people using their hands to bring about positive changes in a person's physique)-- (this includes many examples like Alexander technique, bone setting, chiropractic, Fendenkrais method, kinesiology, laying on of hands, massage, osteopathy, polarity therapy, rolfing, therapeutic touch etc)

    -massage therapy like aromatherapy massage, marma, oriental, reiki, sports, Swedish, tunia-

    --medical astrology

    -meditation (would include things like transcendental meditation, Buddhist meditation, practices with movement like tai chi and yoga, visualization therapy, relaxation therapy, and so forth)

    -megavitamin therapy

    -moxibustion (heat stimulation burning a plant named moxa on or near the skin or on top of acupuncture needles

    -music therapy

    -**native American healing**(this includes things like sweat lodge, the sun dance, ball throwing, soul keeping as well as herbs they used to heal)


    Source(s): -**naturopathy** (this branch of alternative health seeks to treat the underlying cause of disease by encouraging the body to heal itself.. things a naturopathic practitioner might use include diets, fasting, herbal medicine, homeopathic substances, vitamin and mineral therapy, acupuncture, acupressure, reflexology, shiatsu, spinal manipulation, massage, personal hygiene, posture exercising, various hands on techniques, biofeedback, counseling, hypnotherapy, hydrotherapy, cleansing and detoxing, exercise, juicing, using natural products, cleaners and clothing, deep breathing, avoiding bad foods like junk foods, animal fat, and toxic environments and stopping bad habits like drinking, smoking, drug use and so forth and a host of things like this are all used by the naturopathic doctor to help the body heal itself. they tend to look at a person holistically In some cases they may recommend things like lifestyle changes, removing oneself from toxic environments or relationships or things like art or music therapy or counseling and so forth. They might use things like kinesiology, reflexology, patient histories/querstioning or iridology to diagnosis. Movement, positive emotions, and getting the toxins out of the body while bringing in good nutrition and oxygen to the cells/organs are definitely used to heal. _________o/p________________ -**osteopathy** (they do use some manipulation but are more seem like mds nowadays -past lives therapy -pattern therapy (using patterns, shapes, positions etc to influence well being (would include pyramid healing) -polarity therapy (use of diet, self help techniques, and manipulation to rebalance the body's vital energy flow) -positive thinking/law of attraction -primal therapy (a means to help people comes to terms with negative childhood experiences) -psionic medicine -pychic healing/pychic surgery --pychodrama (releasing emotions through acting out real life situations) -psychotherapy -pyramid healing _____r______________ -radiesthesia (like medical dowsing) -radionics (techniques and equipment to influence energy fields) -rebirthing -reflexology (bringing about relaxation, balance and healing through stimulation of specific points of the feet, hands and ears -reichian therapy (movements to release physical tension and repressed emotions used by a psychologist--it uses a myriad of movements) -relaxation therapy -rolfing ( a type of deep massage to correct posture) ______________s______________ -**shamanic healing**(methods used by a shaman of a tribe encompassing a wide variety of treatments from herbs to dances to amulets and so forth) -shiatsu (finger pressure on the acupuncture meridians) _____________t-z______________ -tai chi -visualization therapy (using mental images to improve overall health and well being) -yoga -zone therapy (uses zones of the foot) _________________________ (NOTE-_allopathic and drugs are the term used to describe regualr doctors and what we think of as traditional medicine) ________________________ _________________________ By examining this broad spectrum of alternative health, one sees things like various counseling techniques, massage techniques, breathing, manipulation, the use of exercise and water and diet, religious methods, mental images and thought patterns, using water, heat. cold, rocks, magnets, shapes, gems and other things in the natural world, using touch etc-- all of these would be considered natural remedies. So would your home remedies/folk cures go into this for the most part. Concerning herbal therapies, one sees the use of plants for herbal therapies, aromatherapy, homeopathy and flower remedies (vibrational use of herbs/flowers), various foods, diets, and nutrients also natural using the plant life around us. The plants that are considered stronger and more medicinal are herbs and the ones that are eaten are part of dietary healing or eating to live. Things like art, music and drama therapies, talking and color therapy employ things humans use in life to help heal or bring joy and healing...some of it alters one's mood and state by using things like relaxation and various ways to achieve it. Releasing tension and negative emotions and experiences is involved in many of them as the emotions are connected to one's holistic health Some use the pathways in the body believed to affect health like acupuncture meridians, and pressure points to heal..this also would be considered a type of natural belief system. they might use belief in energy fields and affecting them/diagnosing with them such as auras or EFT or things to increase chi (or vital energies) or use electricity to to reset our electrical system or things from the world of nature like the leeches or the animal products used by Chinese practitioners in their "herbal" medicine. In these, one sees that most of these do not involve things like invasive procedures like drugs or surgeries for instance. Most of these various branches and things mentioned in this post would be considered both alternative health and natural remedies. They might use the herbs to detox or help cleanse an elimination organ like the colon, kidney, skin, lungs or liver to better help them remove toxins from the body..they can also use herbs to bring nutrition into the body or kill parasites or a variety of things. Their are also herbs specific to a particular body part like hawthorne being heart specific, or ginkgo or the brain etc Most people when they think of alternative health narrow it to just include herbs, supplements, homeopathy and home remedies forgetting that things like various diets, exercise, meditation , stopping bad habits, counseling, things like yogo or tai chi are also part of the tern "alternative health". It is a very broad umbrella and some of it is considered mainstream like exercise or food affecting one's health. Many of the skpetics forget the things under its umbrella like massage, exercise, counseling etc that have proven benefits to one's health at least in some ways accepted by all evne most skeptics. Many of these deal with the body like the massage and relaxation and some with the mind like the various counseling techniques, past life regressions, rebirthing, psychotherapy and other things of this nature. Herbs would be focus on the use of plants to heal..some people/practitioners would use these internally and some externally, some would use the real plant and others the diluted vibrations of the plant in homeopathic solutions containing scarcely a single molecule of the herb.. Several big umbrella branches/systems use herbs as a part of a bigger picture of using diverse things like naturopaths, or shamans or Chinese or native American disciplines or Ayurvedic medicine. I hope this comprehensive list and post is of help and some might want to bookmark it for looking up the use of some of the things that help heal, relax, nourish etc should they want to learn more about any of these things. Please note--I did not paste and copy any of this but hand typed it all out while using the book as a reference. _____________ sources book --the little giant encyclopaedia of natural healing by the diagram group 30 years study of alternative health, herbs and nutrition
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