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How can you get your wisdom teeth taken out inexpensively without dental insurance?

My boyfriend needs his out desperately and has NO money for it. He gets all of his college paid for through financial aid and has that grant in his bank account and that is his only source of income for now. He got a quote for how much it would cost him from a local dentist today and it came to about $2300.00. He is no longer on his parents medical/dental insurance either. Does anyone know of ways he can go about this situation frugally? It is imperative they come out. He needs all four teeth extracted otherwise his teeth will become impacted.


We live in Sacramento County in CA.

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    Go to a dental school. They can typically do it for much cheaper.

    What city is he living in?

    Good, the University of the Pacific Dental School is in San Francisco, as is the UCSF dental school. Call up both schools and see what kind of prices they could manage.

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    It relies on where you go. If you happen to have a school with a dental university at any place near you i would try calling them to peer if they take sufferers. It typically bills rather a lot less. I reside close the school of Florida and my brother has long gone to their dental tuition to get stuff achieved. In case you do not need one near then you i would just start calling around to one-of-a-kind dentists and ask them for an concept of what the rate will be. They're going to let you know they can not give you an certain rate because it will rely on what they find once they do an xray (ex: if they are impacted, near sinus cavity, and so forth.) however with a bit of luck which you can get at the least an suggestion. I do know not having coverage relatively sucks! My last wisdom teeth is coming in now and confidently they may be able to all stay in for now, at least until I get some insurance! Good good fortune!

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