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Why has my peridot gemstone (in a ring setting) lost its color?

I bought the ring three years ago and its gemstone is supposed to be a faceted "Starburst Peridot", but recently it has become a cloudy white it a a faux gem or something?

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    Peridot is not normally treated. There is also no commercial synthetic for Peridot. It is a lovely stone but it is a little soft (hardness about 6.5) and brittle. It is susceptible to certain chemicals (acids) & thermal shock so it needs a bit of care, especially if it is set as a ring.

    I need to see your stone to be sure, but here are some questions that might lead you to solve this mystery:

    First off, are you certain this stone is a Peridot? Most jewellers are not gemologists and may not be able to correctly identify a stone. If proper gemological tests have not been conducted on this stone, it could turn out to be anything!

    If you are certain it is a Peridot:

    Do you wear your ring often? Do you use creams or sprays? Do you cook or clean with it on? Observe the surface of your stone. Is the polish dull? Are the facets abraded? These cut factors can affect the quality of color of your stone and may cause a stone to look "cloudy".

    Hope this helps!

    Source(s): Am a Gemologist
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    Well I am not an expert in this, but from working in a rock-shop and studying geology and chemistry a bit, I know that some stones like fluorite for example will change from the deep purple and green to an opaque or white hue. This is due to the sun's light energy being absorbed by the molecules in the crystalline matrix, and dependent on wavelength of light and intensity, the double bonds can be rearranged so that subsequent light energy is now either totally absorbed - or reflected in a different wavelength. - So I think that your stone may have been genuine, it just has been exposed to quite a bit of UV light.

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    chances are that u have purchased a peridot which is treated to enhance its color.usually color enhancement done by irradiation technique results in loss of color after sometime.

    other chance is that ur stone has only gathered dirt on its back side and needs to be washed properly as light reflecting from back facets of ur stone might not be upto the mark.

    dip it in water for 30 minutes and rub the ring from back side with a soft tooth brush to remove all the dirt.u shud use this technique with all ur jewellery studed with stones.

    may be this process wont improve ur peridot but it will definiately enhance the appearence of all ur jewellery after u clean them.

    Source(s): based on my experience in gemstones business in india/delhi
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    Maybe you clean Peridot in an ultrasonic cleaner. Use only warm, soapy water and a soft brush.

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