this guy seems interested, but he wont ask for my number?

alright so its a guy from one of my classes, we've been sitting next to each other for a while now..

he has this nickname for me, and he LOVES to tease me,,, he winks at me often too, he's a pretty funny guy and i like being around him. He likes to scare me too, which i don't find funny so much, when i see him at school, he just smiles and points to me. he also LOVES giving me fist bumps in class, and he just winks at me once he teases me. he calls me short and imitates my voice. which isnt exactly mature but whatever. ahah

he's a funny guy, not sure if im intersted but i find it weird he hasnt asked for my number?! he asked to see my phone a couple of times but i asked for it back because i was scared he would look through my texts or something

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  • 9 years ago
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    if there is any sort of sexual tension, hell, find a reason to give him your number!! but do it in a casual, nonchalant way. Like as if its really nothing. Just remember not to give him too much attention..guys love hard to get. But...umm...the fist bump thing just throws me off...definitely not something i would do when i flirt, but who knows? maybe its something he does out of habit.

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