how likely do you think it is...?

im a freshman (14) and im not a slut or anything, but lots of guys ask me out. i always reject even if the boy is amazing cause i just dont like getting involved. theres this one guy tho, who hasn't asked me out yet, only, he's a junior (16). hes basically the perfect guy: top1% of his class, athletic, popular...GORGEOUS hahahha. he has expressed interest in me. like, he txts me and flirts with me&stuff. how likely do you think it is for a junior to ask me, a measly freshman out? i mean, it's happened before, but this guy just wont!

thanks! <3


We DO hang out alot...(we're both in a school volunteer club) but when we talk, it's not like intimate conversation; just mostly flirting and teasing and stuff. it's great:D

Also, he recently broke up w/his girlfriend cause he "didn't like her anymore". Is that eeek or what!! I knew they had broken up, but I didn't know that was the reason

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  • 10 years ago
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    I'll be honest, I've had thoughts like that about a lot of people from when I was in school (which was a year ago, don't get the wrong Idea, I'm only 17) and High school dating to begin with is a pretty bad idea. Its fun, and it can work out if you want it to and all, I've seen many relationships go well great, like my sisters. ;)

    But, this just seems like a bad idea if you ask me. There's a chance he'll go out with you. But its not likely to end well is the problem, people will feed off the fact that you're dating him. Some might be jealous, some might be all "I AM DISTURBED, HE IS 2 YEARS OLDER THEN YOU AND THAT IS SICK, I DO NOT LIKE THIS AT ALL. NOPE NOT ONE BIT" and others might just gossip about it and pick on you for it. I really can't say much though. Its got good and bad chances, but I'm just saying.

    It seems like a bad idea if you ask me.

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    I think you should get to know him on a more personal level, before anything. You say you flirt, and that's great. You're both interested in each other, and that's a wonderful step in the right direction. He dumped his girlfriend because he didn't like her anymore, so that means he may get bored of a certain girl after a while. So if you get to know him more personally, you'll have a great bond, and he won't drop you if he suddenly gets bored of you. If, that is, he gets bored.

    I say, ask him if he has any plans this weekend. Tell him it's nothing, you're just bored and you were wondering if he wanted to hang out-- maybe see a movie or go to lunch together. Be very sweet about it, too. Smile when you ask him. Once you two hang out together alone, get to know one another better-- he'll ask you out. If not, let it happen. He'll see you're confident, and he'll really admire a mature young woman like you ;D

    I'm a junior-- 16, and the guy in my question you asked is a freshman. So I know what I'm talking about ;D

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    10 years ago

    Just because you are a freshmen is no reason he would not ask you out. You have just a good of a chance as any girl in that school. Instead of flirting back and forth why don't you try and hold a real conversation with him. If he sees you as nothing but a flirt than that is all you will ever be. Guys like a girl with a head on their shoulders that can think and express ideas to talk about. Sweet talk is fun but nothing is better than establishing a strong bond with somebody. Just saying.

    Source(s): Me. My wife is my best friend and I can talk to her about anything. Nobody comes close to our friendship.
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    Thank you for answering my question, and I liked your answer! Personally, I don't know you guys well enough to give you my opinion, and I'm really not an expert in this kind of field. Therefore, excuse me for what I say next isn't accurate, and I have no intention in offending anybody. Though, I'll try my best in answering your question. I think it is quite possible for him to like you if the attraction is mutual. Besides, being fourteen and sixteen is an acceptable age difference for two people falling in love. It is totally not weird. If a guy is sixteen years of age, and he indicates that he is embarrassed by dating a fourteen year old girl; then I advise you not to waste your time. It is simply not going to work out. Furthermore, I don't understand the delay in asking you. Perhaps, it could mean he is not that into you as much as you liked him to be but only as friends. Also, I don't see him being shy in this matter for he is already sixteen years of age, and he has been together with a girl before. So, you can exclude that. Though, have patience, the truth will eventually reveal itself. Peace out!

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  • 10 years ago

    When I was a freshman like you, I was very close friends with a junior and we ended up hooking up and eventually going out. We are still together now, so just because you're a freshman he's not going to discriminate against you, that is if he is not an asshole. You have to watch out though because a lot of the older guys just want sex from the freshman

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    Sounds like he's interested in you already. It's 2010, so it's not inappropriate for a girl to ask a guy out. If you feel weird about that--or the age difference--maybe get a friend of yours/his to let him know that you think he's attractive and cool. Once he gets the message, he'll probably make his move and ask you out. Or maybe just hang out with him while with a group of friends and flirt a bit, see what happens. Good luck!

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    10 years ago

    When I was a junior I probably would ask a freshman out if I really liked her, but I know I'd get crap about it from friends cause guys are like that. Maybe that is why he hasn't yet, but maybe try talking to him about that. If the talks and flirts with you though chances are he likes you. Good Luck

    Thanks for the help with mine!

  • 10 years ago

    Well i think its very likely because i have a feeling that he likes you since he flirts with you and txts you and stuff. I would go for it because he sounds like an excellent boyfriend not one of the sleezy manwhore ones who just wanna get in your pants then dump you the next day but of course not before spreading what you did or even if you didnt do anything around the whole school and the story getting changed from person to person... until finally your the school slut...

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    10 years ago

    This guy is definitely interested!!! but he is taking his time and palying it a little safe, He isn't for sure that you like him so if I were you, i would say go ahead and step it up a little bit. He is older so he is a lot more mature than most of the guys around you. He doesn't want someone to play childish games with him, so he is just testing you sweetie. Seems to me he wants something serious from you two. But he won't know if you don't let him know for sure. But remember, guys don't want what they can have, so remember to not get too wired up into him. Make him want you. For example talk and flirt with him all day and then for the next couple of days, don't. Stuff like that, but go ahead for it, he's interested.

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    10 years ago

    He is showing signs that he likes you.

    But also showing signs of stalling and I know that sucks...

    but he did just break up with his gf so kinda give him like a breather from relationships for awhile,

    and after like a few weeks or a month or so see what he does if you two are still talking

    and see if he makes a move.

    I see nothing wrong with a freshman and a junior dating :-]

    so don't worry you have a chance!

    and if he isn't the one..

    then there are plenty of others don't worry you are just a freshman hun.

    good luck :-]

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