Batman vs. Superman, who would win?

No rules, fight to the death. Explain your reason.


At to those who complain that having kryptonite is cheating, no it's not. Superman is also weak to magic and no sun light, just for your info.

Update 2:

Also, there was a movie that was going to be made about this. Check out the info at:

Update 3:

Batman has already made suits that defend him again Superman's heat vision, strength, cold breath, and punches. Remember, this is no rules, so batman can use ANY weapon in his aresenal.

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    Batman no question about it, he has already won in two seperate Frank Miller comics. They key to Batmans is his intelligence, he knows Supermans weakness is kryptonite, so what does he do. Batman goes and gets kryptonite boxing glvoes and beats the hell out of supermam!!!

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    Batman Vs Superman Who Wins

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    Batman Vs Superman Wiki

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    6 years ago

    Superman would win. He's stronger, faster, and despite popular belief smarter. He's a living super computer and can think and analyze hundreds of times faster than Batman can. Lex Luthor is the most intelligent human being on the planet and Braniac the most intelligent thing in the universe and Superman has defeated them several times before. If they were to fight Batman would do more damage to himself, after all he broke his hand punching Superman. Then there is the argument of Batman's strengths. His arsenal and stealth. Technology is not always reliable and even still Superman has technology from all over the universe. As far as stealth goes, it would not be very useful against someone with super senses.Also, assuming Batman could even get Kryptonite it does not guarantee a victory. Several of Superman's enemies use Kryptonite against him on a regular basis. Superman also has help on his side. His allies are much stronger than Batman's (Superboy vs Robin). Then if you were another superhero who would you side with, the dark loner or the natural leader. Superman also has the media and police on his side. Finally compare Superman's enemies to Batman's. Bane versus Doomsday or the Joker versus Lex Luthor or Mister Mxyzptlc versus Penguin. After all Batman himself admitted Superman would beat him, the only thing stopping him is that he holds back.

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  • 5 years ago

    Superman wins every time. How is this even a question. I'm not taking away anything from Batman. Every argument I hear is that if batman had this and if batman had that, so what. Superman can moves planets, turn back time, compress coal into a diamond in his hand. He's built to withstand attacks of the likes of darkseid and villains across the galaxy. Do they call batman in to defend against darkseid? No. Just as ridiculous as it would be to call in superman to defend against the joker or bane. Let's be real people it's unfair the power superman has, sorry that's the privilege of being superman. If superman held back and didn't fly and didn't use heat vision the mere flick of being that can lift quintillions of tons, renders batman done. Just like the flash being one of the most powerful characters ever created, true! How the hell do you even approach someone that can move that fast, just like superman.

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  • 4 years ago

    In the comics total, there have been 45 fights between these two superheroes. Superman has won 14 of them, Batman 3, and 28 were of no conclusion due to third party influences or neither one trying against the other.

    Bottom line - I say NEITHER of them win against each other. Batman and Superman are good friends, know each other's strengths, weaknesses and flaws, and see each other as equals, despite Supes being a god and Batman being just a man. Also this has been continually debated among fanboys.

  • 5 years ago

    Okay, the Frank Miller stories is not DC canon. and even if you count that, Superman has beaten Batman many more times, even in instances where Batman has had Kryptonite. not to mention, Superman has held back against Batman EVERY single time they've fought. Superman is made of Steel, Batman would just hurt his hand by punching Superman, Batman would have to come well prepared with special armor, and if you allow them both prep time, Superman will fly by the sun, absorb enough energy to the point where he'll be immune to Kryptonite for a period of time. The Kryptonite just slowly weaken Superman, Superman still has enough power to destroy the Kryptonite with his heat vision. Not to mention, Batman has admitted that Superman could easily kill him if he really wanted to. And there is one simple fact that people need to stop overlooking, Superman is WAY stronger, and WAY faster.

    • Traevon4 years agoReport

      But batman beat him many times the comics.....forreal

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Im not a comic fanboy ive never read one in my life but i have heard what happened in the past between the the two of them . My opinion is going off the christopher nolan trilogy ( which i absolutely love btw ) and zak snyders MAN OF STEEL ( which i love even more ) and i cannot understand why 2 awesome heroes who both fight evil would fight each other ? Why does batman not like superman coz im pretty sure superman doesnt have a problem with him ? Truth be told if superman wanted to he could flick a bogey at batman powerfully enough to kill him , and all these people who say he will win with intelligence ..... since when is superman stupid ? People say batman has those fancy vehicles and weapons .... superman took out zods spaceship with one punch and a world engine with one punch and has bulletproof skin and can fly further higher and faster than any ship batman has or will ever have ? The arguement is over before its even begun if u ask me but give me ur opinions if you want lol ?

    • Sabti3 years agoReport

      Batman would win because he has Kryptonite and Kryptonite makes superman weak let's say batman is about to fight superman batman has Kryptonite makes superman weak and beats his but

  • 6 years ago

    Superman will win. This is an absolute trick question. Superman will always win. People will think Batman will win mainly because they think he can do it all... with his brain of course. But no he can not. There have been multiple times they have beaten each other down. My proof? I'll drag your attention to to the story arc if Superman vs The Elite. In this arc Superman is faced with the right and wrong of killing. However it's The Elite that you should pay attention to, the group is composed if being that can annihilate Superman. From magic, telekinesis, and electromagnetism, these guys were created to take down Superman. Superman takes all them down while showing restraint, now imagine Batman in that fight, but this time it's to the death.

    Batman actually is no doubt one best candidates to take down Superman. But he comes up near the bottom of that list, in a no hold barred match fight to the death Batman has no chance. & for all you Batman fanboys that are going to bring up Frank Millers The Dark Knight Returns remember this. The story favors Batman plus it's not in continuity it was just a little mini-series. It came out during the Copper Age of comics that depicted Superman in his Silver Age conservative form which I have come to appreciate and look at the Silver Age as more humorous than serious.

    Superman > Batman fight to the death. It's a trick question.

    Source(s): Long time reader and watcher of everything comics.
    • Uh hmm batman has the justice bustr suit wwhich not only took out superman but the whole justice league.

  • 5 years ago

    Superman wins this fight.

    The only way Batman wins is if Superman allows it to happen. In Dark Knight Returns, Superman never went all out against Batman. Not even close. Superman could tank the entire earth. You mean to tell me he was going all out against Batman, of course not. The whole time he was either trying to prevent Batman from attacking him or just talk Batman down so he could come in for questioning.

    Then you have comics a lot of people don't mention, because of Batman favoritism. Infinite Crisis. Batman got owned in that comic. Quickly too. And as far as the don't kill thing. What happened in Red Son?

    Superman takes all of Batman's punishment in battle, while trying to only talk him down and people consider that a win for Batman meanwhile, when Batman gets hospitalized in Infinite Crisis or even killed in Red Son or Lex Luthor-Man of Steel, people don't want to mention that and act like they don't know about those comics. Batman wins when Superman allows it to happen.

  • 5 years ago

    Face it Batfans. Superman would win. You say that Batman could use kryptonite to destroy Superman, but Superman could wear the lead radiation suit to block it, or fly close to the sun to make him temporarily immune to it's radiation.

    Superman has greater powers and has fought way more powerful adversaries than Batman and come out on top. Batman isn't smarter, and even if he is, Superman could learn it all at an extremely fast way. Something Batman can't do.

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