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WTF? Google Adwords--Is anybody ELSE miffed about the ads appearing at the BOTTOM of the pages now?

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FIRST QUESTION: WHAT ADS GO AT THE BOTTOM POSITIONS (bottom of page)? I thought all ads were at top and right side? // Last time I remember (a month or two ago?), Google Adwords were along the top & RIGHT side of the page. NOW they're HIDING your pay-per-click ads at the BOTTOM of the search page???? What the heck!!?? Beyond it being S-T-U-P-I-D (and insulting!) //

SECOND QUESTION: Also, is it related (don't just copy my idea) to the new system where you can pay to be on "first page" OR "top of page"? In other words, is it their sneak-a** way of making you pay extra for "top" positions that you would NEVER have paid for when ads #4 thru end spilled over to the right hand side of the screen (but were still visible WITHOUT scrolling to the bottom?)??

The whole point of paid click ads to be seen first and not hidden after everyone's searched for organics!

I HIGHLY doubt Bing/Yahoo & other PPC are NOT hiding your ads at the bottom.

THIRD QUESTION: Also, how are they making money off clicks if they're hiding you at the bottom of the SERPs?



Dear A Hunch, I hope this gets to you because you may actually be situated on a far away planet. This is not a spyware question or a popup, lol. To answer this question, you have to first know what "Adwords" is. ;)


Update 2:

Dear Aaron,

First, let's get the nonsense out of the way: Yes, your answer does reflect the usual MANTRA that Google puts out ("CTR * quality score * MaxCPC). Yawn. It's all BOGUS and just a shellgame to DISTRACT advertisers (keep'em busy and fretting over quality scores, CTRs, and the like) from focusing on the hand that goes deeper into their pockets.

NOW, for the real response:

Ah yes, well that DOES beg the question: "WHY WOULD GOOGLE PUT YOUR PAID ADWORDS ADS AT THE BOTTOM OF A PAGE?" (esp if there are NO other ads!!... and even if there are)


Use your COMMON SENSE MAN!!!!!!!???? : If you're at the BOTTOM of a page, Google LIES pretending (FILL IN THE LIE HERE). But the REAL answer why they throw your ad at the bottom of the page (REMEMBER, THEY GOTTA MAKE MONEY OFF CLICKS, RIGHT???) IS THIS:

They know that you'll INCREASE YOUR BID to get to TOP of page (forget about the fact that you matched their "top bid&q

Update 3:

with your maxCPC and there are no other ads AND they STILL put you at bottom!!). SO HERE'S WHAT HAPPENS & HOW THEY FIENDISHLY OPERATE ("imho"):

They FIGURE you're going to increase your bid (unnecessarily, right?) to get to "TOP" of page (where the user OBVIOUSLY looks FIRST!!!--not at the bottom of the page--yeah right!)...and THEN they know you're going to KEEP INCREASING YOUR BID until you ACTUALLY get your ADD SEEN (that's the step BEFORE a user can CLICK on it!!!!!) . You see, Google figures that they'd RATHER have users clicking your HIGHER priced ads (the same ad...again, imagine there's no other bids (ads) on that keyword except yours!!!) ...than have them click your lower priced bids. In OTHER words, they know you don't want to "waste your money" (???) so they know you'll keep increasing your bid until you get your ad where people will LIKELY click. THAT WAY once you "reach the top" (thru the TOTALLY BOGU

Update 4:

BOGUS and SHAM system called "quality score x MaxCPC"), THEY'LL be making a ton of money off you, the poor soul who is FORCED to "BID AGAINST YOURSELF". That has to be illegal on many levels and is DEFINITELY not advantageous to the consumer OR the advertiser. After all, who knows about that keyword more? Them....or YOU, whose business is BUILT AROUND such keywords. You're willing to PAY for that keyword. How dare they tell you (pretend to tell you) that your ad is LESS RELEVANT (lower quality score blah blah) than the SERPs? Even then, it wouldn't matter, in the case of you being the only advertiser for that keyword. They HAVE to use the TOP positions if there's no one else. THAT'S FIRST AND FOREMOST.

I mean, they can PRETEND that "bottom of page" is better HAHAHAHAHA, but everyone knows it goes like this: TOP of page (common sense!!! ASK 1,000,000 web surfers or look at "heat" studies) >> THEN RIGHT side of page

Update 5:

(numerous studies show this) >> THEN (funny to even include it!) the BOTTOM of the page.

So, in SUMMARY, this could be rewritten to show there's at least 10 REASONS why they're TOTALLY FLEECING THE CONSUMER (the advertiser) and, it could EASILY be argued, hurting the other set of consumers, namely, web surfers (who pay for the d*mn items you're trying to share with customers).

This ultimately BURNS the economy, and you could easily argue (if you think it through---post your own Yahoo Answer perhaps on this) completely MANGLES competition and the free market, essentially STEALING monies from all companies/advertisers--monies that would OTHERWISE be spent to give that company the edge--and "DIVERTS" that money into their own (Google's) pocket.

******************* WE NEED CONSUMER PROTECTION HERE ******************

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    I think Google puts ads where they are most likely to be clicked on. Knowing what ads to place where, is after all, how they have become successful. Additionally ad layouts and SERP (search engine result page) is dependent on user location, geotargeting, keywords, account history and much more. So it is very possible to have ad layouts change.

    You don't mention if you are an Adwords Advertiser- if you are you should be familiar with Ad Rank - the quality score combined with your CPC bid that determines the position your ad shows. So if you want to be #1 (we always aim for position #3 or higher), either bid more, or improve your quality score.

    I would be interested to see how traffic from those bottom placements converts. There have been many studies on #1 ad position and #4 (right corner) in terms of conversion ratio.

  • 8 years ago

    It's not google adwords. I was bothered by it and learned it's a new kind of spyware that began appearing at the beginning of Nov.

    I can't remember the name of it but something like ygout.

    - when you close the ad, a little box appears. Click on that and you will find the name. Then you can google that to learn more about it and remove it.

    Since I removed it, I haven't seen it again.

    There is another donation site that began appearing, I can't think of the name of it either. But it's the same thing.

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