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What is a good way to get rid of stress?

Lately I have been totally stressed out. I have been having headaches, and really have not felt well. My temper has been very touchy. My friends and family are complaining about by attitude. I am a 22 year old male college student that is holding down a part-time job as well. What is a good way to lower my stress levels?

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    Stress is a lot like housework. When the dishes, don't get done and a mess is left in the living room, eventually there becomes a backlog that seems overwhelming.

    Issues that you haven't resolved in your mind are like dishes left unwashed. When a number of these mount up, they take up brain space and leave you feeling overwhelmed.

    You have to list every thought taking space in your head, then resolve each issue, step by step. By resolve, I mean make a decision. Do this, don't do it, do it later or whatever.

    It's basically about making a decision where you stand on each issue. Once you've made your decision, your mind doesn't have to hold the thought and so you resolve the stress.

    I wrote a series of blog posts on resolving stress that you can read more about by clicking the links below.

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    Yes, stress can be an overwhelming thing, but it's all based on how you interpret and handle it. Do you like animals or have a pet? My dog can usually help me calm my stress. Maybe getting some fresh air would do you some good as well, but make sure all of your homework and what not is complete, or else you'll still have the stress of not having those things done on your shoulders.

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    Running is a great way to get rid of stress. Listen to some music while you do it. All your stresses and worries will go away. It works for me.

    Also, make a plan of what you want/need to accomplish during the day and then stick to it.

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    Hi there =)

    When I get stressed, I have this notebook that I write in as much as I want(though I'm not the organized type, I write the time and everything).

    I don't bother with it being legible or on the lines, or erasing(though I do write in pencil).

    I basically jot down my feelings and possible solutions and stuff.

    Trust me it helps a lot!

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    Focus on things that you do really well. Stress comes from situations that we can not manage effectively. You are in over your head. Don't worry it is common. I am always struggling not to go under.

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    I personally find that taking time out to yourself helps, maybe listen to some soothing music, or going for a walk, or just for a long drive by yourself to give yourself time too cool off and think! Journaling also helps!

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    Exercise relieves stress. Take a walk =].

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