How much does it cost to train a United states cadet to become a soldier? (private)?

I'm trying to find out what it costs to train someone in the US Army. I've heard a value of $50,000 but this seems incredibly low to train someone even to a low level like a private? Hoping someone can give me a roundish figure/educated estimate? I've been doing some searchs on Yahoo but coming up trumps trying to find any information.

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    These other answers are correct, but one thing to consider is what the cost are for. A large amount of it is not actually training cost, but the cost of housing, food, clothing, medical, dental, life insurance, salary, and so on. A lot stuff that is just taken for granted, and some stuff you just never see or think of to consider, like administrative cost of the people that handle your paperwork, maintenance and repair of the facilities on base, and so on. If you remove these costs, you have removed (probably) over half of the cost it takes to train a new soldier. It's all calculated in much the same way that they calculate a toilet seat to cost $500.

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    Cadets would be different than privates, cadets are generally officer candidates, while recruits are enlisted trainees. For Cadets, I would venture to say that the expense varies between different type of Cadets. For USMA Cadets, I'm not really sure, probably around 400,000. For ROTC cadets, I would say that their training runs at least 100-150k.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Actually "cadets" become officers, not privates.

    But for just basic and AIT (or OSUT), you are looking at a $50-100K for just initial training. If it's training in areas like Armor or Cavalry, double it.

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  • about seventy five thousand to one hundred thousand average.

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