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WOW... What should I DO???????

asking again...................

Ok so I liked this guy a lot and then I found out that he had a GF I got mad that he had a gf and didn't tell me so I kinda ignored him for 3 weeks. Now him and gf have broken up and I realized that he was a really good guy [ other than how he treats girls ] so I still want to be friends with him. So I asked one of our friends to ask him if he is mad at me and my friend told him that I wanted to know what was going on or something like that and he said ask her to talk to me [ like in a good way ] and if she wants to F U * K . What should I think of that like I'm definately going to talk to him on monday but I don't know what to say/ do and that was caught me completely off guard.

& btw Istill like him but right now I just want to get to where were friends again

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    i know exactly whre you are comin from! one of my brothers best friends is such a player, he treats women bad but he treats me great, for instance on my first day freshmen year there werent anymore chairs so he made a kid get up and he carried it all the way across the room to give it to me. he was the big bad senior and i was just the little freshmen and i knew he treated girls bad but i still fell for him. i think your going to regret not talking to him, do it and see where it gets you. i really hope i helped! i really regret not talking to george again and not dating him, i really do because now hes at college and i miss him so much. so do it! take the chance before you miss it. can you read my question and answer?;_ylt=As.2P...

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    What your saying sounds abit like the guys a player. There are 3 things you need to ask yourself:

    1. Have you ever liked someone this much before and got over them?

    2. Does he know you well enough to really love you?

    3. Would you be ok with him having 1 timers with other girls during ur relationship?

    What i think you should do on Monday is ask him if he was joking or being series. Then let him explain. Just make sure he knows you so well that he would never want to hurt you, that is the key to a long lasting relationship. :]

    I hope allworks out and you get him :D

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    Sheesh! Do not even go near the loser. I cannot believe I am reading this. Do you just want to end up in an abusive relationship? Do you lay awake at night dreaming of the day you can be an abused spouse?

    Look at the facts as you stated them.

    1. Avoided telling you about relationship. If he did it to her he will do it with you.

    2. Treats girls badly. No matter how you slice it one cannot be good and do that.

    3. When approached by friend his first thoughts are can I have her! You are nothing more

    than a docking place for his manhood. If you are not a slut leave him alone. Ever hear of STD?

    I know you must be terribly young and while I am much older I still think you have to be smarter than this. Treat yourself to dignity and do not settle for less than the right person for you.

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    Obviously there is something about this guy that has you smitten and that's perfectly normal.

    Sometimes you choose to like someone because you have a crush on them, this means all thought goes out the window and you want him to like you too. If sex is ok with you and you KNOW the consequences then by all means go after him.

    BUT DON'T TRY TO CHANGE HIM because he aint changing for no one. Sometimes friendships based on crushes end up being one big lie that both of y'all end up accepting. Sure all the girls are saying "GIRL HE A PLAYA!!!" but we can't make the choice for you sweety.

    BUT if it were me in this situation...I would just get over him knowing that he only remembered me with the thought of sex. That is degrading.

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    Ok on monday Ask if he was joking and make sure he understands that you are NOT going to do that with him (or anyone for that matter) until YOU want to

    He is absolutely a player so its ok for you to go out w| him but dont be surprised if he cheats on you or trys to get you to "give it up" to him

    DO NOT under any surcumstances

    (lmfao that has the word c|_|m in it xD sorry im very immature especially for a girl..)

    let him take advantage of you, remember that hes a player and hell hurt you but as long as your careful hes fine to go out with


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    The people are right, he's a player. If you just want to mess around go for it, but if you want a serious relationship you should pass.

    btw I'm glad you like karma loop, its my favorite!

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    This guy is just plain mean. He's a player. Don't even be his FRIEND if he treats people the way you explained

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    forget about him. he only wants you for the wrong reasons.

    wouldn't you rather have a guy who respects you?

    you even said yourself that he doesnt treat girls well. do you really want to be with a guy that wont treat you well?

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    From experience/what I've gone through, you SHOULD NOT go for him. Most likely he's a player/cheater/user. You'll end up hurt. You can find better, I'm sure.

    -Hope this helps.[=

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    Sounds like he wants to use you as a piece of meat. I wouldn't even bother being friends with him. It's a waste of your time.

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