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Does this girl like me?

On Facebook, our friends' status made over 1000 comments (included me, the girl I like and others) and in those comments she said I was a beautiful person, I told her she could read my book since she couldn't find it anywhere and she left a '<3', she told me her age randomly after I told another person my age in the comments, she 'liked' some of my random comments on the post, and she left a '^_^' when she said she was going to be at the same place at the same time as me when a bunch of people were planning to meet up.

On one of her photos we were commenting on (only the two of us) she said I won the weird contest at that time (she said in her photo she was trying to be a new level of weird). She also said she lived around the area I saw her at without need.

When her and her friend walked up to me to ask to read my book, they walked up slowly as though they were shy/nervous and they are talking as if to decide who'd ask me for the book, she (the one I like) didn't say anything expect "Thank you", giggled while I opened my bag to get the book and smiled when she was turning away.

At a meet up she wore something that I think she knew I'd like, because she wore something quite different the day before.

I posted two videos on Instagram and she commented on one saying "That was beautiful" and left the emoticon of the smiley face with a tear drop.

I messaged her last night and mentioned how I wasn't able to go to a meetup because of my holiday. I mention my mum couldn't and she asked why (my mum's sick). She said "Aww whyz D: ?" She said she was sorry to hear about my mum and hopes she gets better. I told her I was writing some crazy story and she said "I must read this asdfghj".

Does she like me?

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    It's the simple things in life we forget.

    My Advice: YES, she likes you! This is a work in progress. Obviously you like her too. I think you should ask her out, she would be thrilled. Also, don't brag too much on yourself (books/writing) that could be a turn off in the long run. Show real interest in her to see what she's all about.

    Wishing You The Best in Love~

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    Seems like she might like you. Usually when girls are quiet and giggly that's when you know. Plus smiling when she turned away, which means she's probably going to talk to her friend about you. These reasons do seem like she likes you. Good luck :P

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    i think so... ask her out! she seems sweet, and very nervous around you, thats a sigh! lol or she could be really friendly, but i think she has a crush on you(: you should ask her to hang out :p

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    Nope, she's too weird. Facebook? Get a real life kid.

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