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Batman vs. Superman. Who would win?



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    Batman. Plain and simple. Superman has neither the mindset nor the capability to defeat Batman. Batman knows Superman better than anyone else on the planet (In the Absolute Power storyline Batman and Superman actually grew up as brothers. Although history was reverted to normal, they remember these lives and, as a result, know and understand each other better than ever.). Batman knows what Superman's powers are, and he knows Superman's weaknesses. Furthermore, the infamous "Kryptonite Ring" alone would NOT stop Superman, although the HUGE chunk of kryptonite (it's bigger than the average person's fist) that Batman acquired before Superman gave him the ring just MIGHT. Furthermore, every time they have reached a foreseeable end to a battle in the comics Batman has been the victor: in The Dark Knight Returns, Batman had a plan of action, and succeeded in knocking Superman out--in part because Superman didn't have the will or the heart to fight to the best of his abilities; In JLA: Tower of Babel, Ras Al Ghul successfully brought down not just Superman, but the ENTIRE JLA (with one exception--guess who) using Batman's plans. This time Superman’s overconfidence was his downfall. He rushed into a kryptonite trap not once, but TWICE: once when Talia came after him to expose him to kryptonite, and once when he tried to save the Wayne's coffins--the Kryptonite was suspended above the Lazarus Pit (it makes sense in the story); In Batman Hush, Batman has a (second in-continuity, third overall) plan to stop Superman, and again uses Superman's personality/moral code against him (Batman's code is more militaristic); In Superman/Batman: Vengeance, Batman, possessed by a kryptonite creature again manages to KO the Man of Steel (it should be noted that the decisions were being made by the creature, not Batman, and that the kryptonite is the main reason Superman fainted). Finally, Batman has had plans for almost every eventuality (too many to list, much less think of now). You add to this Batman's willingness to do whatever he has to stop a villain (short of killing, although he has crippled some--usually mentally), and Superman's lack of preparations (too many examples...), and this is a very one-sided fight (if lengthy). In addition, Batman, strangely enough, seems to call in teammates more quickly than Superman does.


    Classic question. Batman. Has the advantage in every area except raw power: he's smarter, more likely to fight all-out, better-prepared, knows Superman better than Superman knows him (probably), is better focused, has the best sidekicks (depending on how much of their world is involved), and is better-trained (seven years operating below the radar doesn't match twelve years of training for a personal war, not to mention the HUGE gap between their martial arts and strategy skills--in which Batman again has the advantage). Also, Batman has stopped Superman in the comics, cannon and non-cannon, several times. The two non-cannon times, he wore super-powered armour, which, once Superman was weakened, presented a relatively fair fight. The thing to realize also is that Batman has a kryptonite ring on him at all times, a kryptonite chunk he brings along if he thinks he'll need it (Superman/Batman: Enemies Among Us, and Superman/Batman: Supergirl).Batman also said (and demonstrated) in Hush that he never goes into a possible encounter with Superman with a special plan for that situation ("You don't come to Metropolis without preparing for HIM"--Batman). In Hush, he used the sewer system, Daily Planet building, and Lois Lane to contain and limit Superman. In Tower of Babel, he'd created a new red kryptonite, which turned Superman's skin transparent, and caused Superman to absorb solar radiation too quickly (making his powers grow out of control, and causing great pain). Superman/Batman issue #3 also establishes Superman's vulnerability to hypersonics, which Batman always has on him (and uses with success on Superman in Hush), as do many other comics. Also, in Superman/Batman: Absolute Power, the time stream is altered, and Batman and Superman grow up as brothers.They also work together to rule (and protect) the world, by acting as a "Dynamic Duo". While this timeline was erased, Batman and Superman (and on a side note, Metron, Darksied, and the main villains of the story) remember what happened in it. This means their understanding of each other is probably deeper than ever, knowledge which Batman won't hesitate to use against Superman in a fight between them (Superman would almost certainly not use it, and the brotherhood between them would be a still greater hinderance to Superman's performance--as opposed to Batman, who's fought two of the loves of his life (Catwoman and Talia), his best friend (Hush),and his son (Jason Todd/Red Hood/Red Robin). In each case, he had to turn off his emotions. Superman once fought Kara only because she would have killed him (long story). He based his reaction to her on Batman's in Hush (when he fought Jason)

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      Super-man would not loose to Batman. Plan A, Superman can fly into space and heat-vision Batman from up there. Plan B, Batman pulls out a Kryptonite bullet gun, oh wait Superman is faster than a speeding bullet. I can find so so so many ways that Superman would beat Batman.

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    Batman vs. Superman. Who would win?

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    Superman can usually defeat batman. The only way batman defeats superman is when he isnt at the top of his game. In "The Dark Knight Returns", he had to like fake a heart attack to defeat superman. because after everything, batman is just a rich kid in a suit. The kryptonite does NOT incapacitate superman. it merely weakens him. This of course depends on if we are going way back to the original red kryptonite in Superman ~#60 or we are going to the green one in Action Comics ~#140.~ shows approximation.

    There are storylines/timelines where batman and superman were actually brothers. So it truly depends on which superman is fighting which batman as there is a lot of travel between universes.

    Batman would win about 90% of the time, but that is because he chooses to fight supes after debilitating events(lois's death. His sons death. Doomsday fight(doomsday had a kryptonite exoskeleton)) .

    In a true fight in either metropolis or gotham, or anywhere else in the world/outside, superman would win due to superior speed, superior reflexes, superior strength, ability to turn back time, destroying solar systems with a sneeze(this happened back in the silver age, before wonder woman. not sure of the issue. it happened).

    Superman could literally destroy batman without even realizing it.

    The most iconic fight(sarcasm) is of course when Maxwell controls superman's mind and implants hallucinations of lois cheating on him with brainiac. Supes gets super pissed and proceeds to thrash brainiac. And then he wakes up and realizes that he is thrashing batman.

    Source(s): Hardcore DC and Marvel fan. The dark knight returns, Under the hood, SIlver age superman comics. Superman ~#139. Action comics ~#300, Wonder Woman :The Hiketeia., Public Enemies, Hush, Tower Of Babel, Sacrifice.
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    batman because batman is always carrying kryptonite with him plus he is smart and he always makes weapons to defeat someone or he already has it and figures out he should use it.For example in batman:Arkham Origins he defeated bane with shock gloves and the last boss battle he defeated bane with

    the electric doors he put them to his advantage plus if batman and superman fought a no power or gadget superman would lose cause batman trains so much he is an expert at martial arts plus he has the strength of ten men.Thats why nanananananana BATMAN would win.

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    Of course Superman...

    He has Superpower, Superspeed, Bullet cannot hurt his Body..

    Batman Maybe smarter & have variate weapons such as Batarang, Gas smoke & some Ninja fighting skills...

    but..he just a normal human..maybe very strong for human standard...but not until reach the Superpower level..

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    Batman could just throw a kryptonite batarang at Superman or wear a kryptonite utility belt.

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      Superman is faster than a speeding bullet, so he is probably faster than a batarang. Also Superman doesn't need to get close to Batman, he just needs to go into space and heat vision Batman from there, or just from really high up.

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    Batman Would Win and I believe that he can take superman out without the use of krpytonite if that's not enough for you than I'll have u now I'm not the only person with that opinion.

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    Superman. He has every advantage. I prefer Batman, because he is a normal human being. But Superman could just break his neck. Unless Batman had some kryptonite up his sleeve which is unlikely

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    Batman. Batman has plans on how to defeat every member of the justice league. And he always keeps a piece of kryptonite with him after super man went rouge the one time

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    Superman definitely. Batman is cool and all but he has no flying ability, super strength, or flying ability. Batman only uses tools like his Bat Boomerang or tear gas or something and Batman has a side kick with the same ability as Batman. Superman needs no side kick. And plus, if Superman punches him the fight would be over.

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    Let's see if Bruce Lee fought Godzilla who would win? One is a highly trained guy in a costume. One is a God-like force of nature.

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