is she avoiding me?or is she shy?ten points please answer?

since my friends girlfriend asked a girl in work if she would go to a formal with me and said yes she has been acting weird or shy around me. she was supposed to let me off for my break the other day but she didnt cause she was scared?what off?nd apparently im not allowed to know said her friend.

i get the impression she is avoiding me.she has been going longer ways around to not go near me or always talking to someone but i can stand close to her and ive caught her looking at me a couple of times then she quickly looks away.its like she doesnt no what to do with herself around me.should i "officially" ask her?or does she not like me.

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    1 decade ago
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    It seems to me as though she likes you and feels awkward, since it was communicated through your friend. Just go up to her! It'll break the ice

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    1 decade ago

    you should ask her officially, tell her how you feel. personally ive had guys do the whole "my friend wants to know if you wanna go out with him" thing a ton of times. Personally, i find that to be a turn off or a serious awkward factor and i respect guys more for actually having the courage to take charge and just ask me whatever they wanna know directly. Ask her..whats the worst that could happen??

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    Well... this is tricky.

    Don't confront her yet.

    First just try to get close. If she stops talking to you, not a good sign. If she gets wide-eyed the kinda walks away, she most likely likes you and is too shy to confront you.

    Don't mess this up, because it's a very intricate procedure.

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    Looks like she is not sure if she wants to go official with you or not... That's why she is still keeping you yet, letting you know in diff. way that she is not ready/sure yet. You already have told her to go official with you, nothing else you can do, but wait and see how it goes...

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  • 1 decade ago

    you should try and make some conversation so she doesnt feel so akward, but if she just gives one or two word replies like "hey whats up?" "nothing." then she probably doesnt like you but if she engages in converstaion then you should ask her officially.,

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