what is the dif between nds and nds with lite besides more lite ?

do they play the same games and can you use gambeboy advance games

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  • Jim
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    1 decade ago
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    the difference between the DS and the DS Lite.

    the DS uses the same charger as the GBA. the DSL has a different connector. both of them play the same exact games - gameboy advance games. nothing older (no gameboy color, no gameboy)

    the DS, when folded, is bigger and heavier than the DSL. it's easier to put a DSL in your pocket. but i don't put systems in my pocket... what if something happened?

    the DS stylus is smaller, and the DSL's larger stylus is easier to hold

    the DSL has the start/select buttons in a much better place, where as the DS had them in places that anyone who's played nintendo systems thinks is weird. the power button is in a better place too

    the DSL has a mic in the center, the DS has the mic on the bottom left

    the screen for the DSL can be made a little brighter than the DS. it also has four or five brightness settings.

    the DS comes in various colors - silver (original), black, pearl, ice and pink, and the DSL comes in pearl (original), black, and coral (pink). i believe, for both versions, getting the color ice in the USA is difficult

    the outside casing of the DS is nice and solid. the outside casing for the DSL feels like oily plastic

    the price for both systems should still be equal to each-other

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  • 1 decade ago

    the difference between a nintendo ds and a ds lite is that a lite is more smaller, and brighter

    they both play gba games

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  • 1 decade ago

    Reason 1: It's smaller.

    Reason 2: Its charger slot is smaller.

    Reason 3: Get it?

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