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How do you feel japanese whaling?

Japanese whale fishing is completely lawful.

And is completely scientific.

In addition, it is a Japanese gastronomic culture to eat whales.

You should refrain from the act of denying the culture of another country.

watch this video.

To the person who wants to know why Japan hunts whales

[DragonBall] Freezer VS Japanese whaling

Why do the media of australia tell a lie and censorship?

if doubt me? Post my comment this URL.,23599,23155612-5007...


The research is not about whales only but also our marine resources.

Researching how much and what kind of fishes do whales eat every year. The total sum of marine resources whales consume is 3-5 times of human being eat every year.

IWC doesn't ban whole whaling.

You can study the reason, before judging by your sentiment.

If it is too long, the points are;

21/178 (page 19)

If the present situation persists, there would be no fish left in the sea!?

30 / 178 (page 28)

“Save the Whales” destroys the ecosystem - Whales are eating the fish to depletion

52 / 178 (page 50)

Anti-whaling is NOT an international opinion

59 / 178 (page 57)

Goblins that manipulate the International Whaling Commission (IWC)

102 / 178 (page 100)

Anti-whaling nations hide hazardous factors watching

107 / 178 (page 105)


Update 2:

109 / 178 (page 107)

Why Japan chooses to stay in the IWC for the time being

162 / 178 (page)

Anti-whaling fortitude getting disrupted

More countries support the cause for the pro-sustainable

use of whales

BTW, IWC know Japan's whaling and Japan also have to report ever time.

Read IWC regulation


Article VIII

1. Notwithstanding anything contained in this Convention any Contracting Government may grant to any of its nationals a special permit authorizing that national to kill, take and treat whales for purposes of scientific research subject to such restrictions as to number and subject to such other conditions as the Contracting Government thinks fit, and the killing, taking, and treating of whales in accordance with the provisions of this Article shall be exempt from the operation of this Convention.

Update 3:

Each Contracting Government shall report at once to the Commission all such authorizations which it has granted. Each Contracting Government may at any time revoke any such special permit which it has granted.

2. Any whales taken under these special permits shall so far as practicable be processed and the proceeds shall be dealt with in accordance with directions issued by the Government by which the permit was granted.

Japan follows this rule.

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    "How do you feel Japanese whaling?"

    I have no problem with it. I did not watch the videos as I don't need to. Hunting whales is no different than hunting deer, turkey or any other wild animal that is hunted. Besides, domestic animals that live their lives penned up and never get to experience the freedom that the whales do, and are killed in a much greater numbers than whales will ever be. Maybe folks should focus their attention on these animals first. Finally, I am not so arrogant that I assume to know what is best for a whole country of people. As long as the whales are not hunted to extinction or until they are placed on the endangered list, I have no problem with it. If the Japanese want to eat whale and perform experiments on them, no other nation has the right to tell them that they shouldn't do it. The bottom line is that people need to get over it, because unless their country is willing to take economic or military action against Japan, it isn't going to change. I think that has been made clear by the Japanese.

    One last thought, I feel the Sea Shepard ships should be sunk and all the activist should be locked up for their actions. Protesting an action is one thing, but they are interfering with actions that are perfectly legal and placing activist and whalers alike in danger, which makes them criminals.

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    Wow, this is a good question. I did watch both videos and read the article. I actually appreciated hearing an intelligent and rational opposing viewpoint. My response is this:

    1. There is no mention of the Humpback whales that are being slaughtered in either of the videos.

    2. Because the US did not sign on to Kyoto Protocol does not make it right. A scaled down example of this would be "two wrongs don't make a right."

    3. I was not aware that the US was hunting Right whales. I will investigate this information more. Thanks for the shoulder tap, but again, "two wrongs don't make it Right."

    4. I was not aware that Greenpeace received $184 million / year in donations; way to go - Greenpeace! As you can see from Greenpeace videos, these guys are putting their lives on the line to halt these hunts out in the big seas. No amount of money is worth your life, do you think? The claim that it is all about business and money does not make any sense.

    5. Have you ever heard of Yakusa - the Japanese mafia? I have heard that it is this organization that is calling the shots in the fisheries of Japan. If this is the real oversight whaling group, can you believe any of the numbers?

    6. Finally, please don't call it scientific research if it is Japanese culture and Sashimi. Blending the two to justify the means just doesn't make sense.

    I am also wondering if the Japanese feel that they are competing with the whales for other fish. Maybe a little ethnic whale cleansing would eliminate this competition and provide an abundance of other fish for the Japanese market.

    Source(s): My source is my gut feeling which is not much different than most others in the anti-whaling community. It doesn't much matter about all the numbers, economy, tasty whale meat, etc. What matters is what appears to be barbaric practices by callous whale hunters. They certainly don't appear to have much concern for the underwater lives of these sentient mammals. As answerer #2 said, the slaughter of cows and pigs is done in a more controlled manner. I don't think there will be a resolution to this issue until Japan is able to address the powerfully negative emotions that are evoked by the current manner in which whales are slaughtered and what appears to be an indifferent attitude towards current laws and opposing views. domo arigoto. Edit: Daisk55 - Thank you for the additional information. Still, what about the humpback whales? Okay, so the research has to do with what whales eat and how much, etc.; but why would so many be needed for this kind of research. If it is really about maintaining culture, Japanese diet and a belief that the whales will overpopulate and eat all the other fish, say so. I know that the Japanese do not like being told what to do, but a sensible compromise might be to have an oversight committee of scientists on board the whaling ships to ensure numbers, type and manner in which the whales are hunted. I am sure the international community would understand and even support this type of controlled whaling. BTW - I applaud Japan's decison to remain in the IWC to work out this issue in concert with other nations.
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    I'm sorry, but I can't agree agree with you - foremost because I feel that such beautiful and majestic mammals should never be killed, regardless of the reason. They are considered one of the most sophisticated creatures on earth and deserve to live their lives without violent interference by man.

    If there is a scientific reason for Japan's whaling, it is very obscure. I have seen footage of carcasses being processed on the deck of the Nissan Maru, and the cubes of meet traveling below decks on a conveyor belt were clearly meant for consumption. Whale research can be done without cruel slaughter. There are modern means of tagging, identifying, sampling DNA etc. which cause very little inconvenience to the whale itself.

    A recent review of scientific papers released by the Japanese showed that only a handful of results required the capture and death of the whales, and even these were of doubtful scientific validity

    The 'scientific' facade is a means of allowing Japan to take whales without breaking the interdiction of the IWC, a body which it is attempting to subvert by buying the votes of small nations [some of them landlocked]. The money involved here, I would suggest, is almost definitely far greater than anything Greenpeace would conversant with

    This year, the Japanese intended to kill eighty humpbacks, a species that is endangered and much loved by the Australian people, who gather to watch it pass their shores on its annual trip south. This kill was only prevented by diplomatic pressure.

    Additionally, recent court decisions in Australia, though not recognised by Japan, do make Japanese actions - in at least certain areas of the Antarctic - illegal.

    One more point, the fellow in the video uses the phrase 'for some time' when describing how long the Japanese have been consuming whale meat. An activity that began on a larger scale only after World War Two - when western nations encouraged the practice to address a shortfall in edible fats - can hardly be described as a cultural tradition.

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    The fist video makes a couple of basic points for those people with very little knowledge, however, I am beyond that point, I know my facts, and these are the reasons why whaling is wrong and should be stopped.

    Firstly, I am not against the Japanese eating whale meat, I am not against that aspect of Japanese culture. However, I am dead against the indiscriminate way in which whales are currently caught.

    The video says that there are enough Minky whales to sustain the Japanese food market. This maybe so, and while it is easy for an experienced marine expert to identify each whale from the small portion that breaks the surface to breath, what are the chances of a "fisherman" making a mistake?

    One thing that no-one can do from the surface is see if a whale is pregnant. And this is my main argument, and one that no pro-whaler can argue against. Everywhere else in the world, the meat market comes from farmed animals, the cows, sheep and chickens we eat in the west come from managed stocks on private land. A farmer would not send a pregnant animal to slaughter, a farmer would not send a new mother that was still nursing young to slaughter, but when you just sail your ship up to an animal that you only just discovered when it came up for air 2 minutes ago, and then you kill it, with no understanding of that animals condition?? Well that is barbaric.

    I appreciate that "farming" whales maybe nigh on impossible, but unless the Japanese figure out a way to manage their own food stocks and are able to rule out pregnant cows and new mothers, and have the same understanding that farmers have of all the cows, sheep and pigs that get selected for slaughter, the Japanese random way of catching the whales will always be wrong.

    Yes, Greenpeace may exploit whaling for their funding needs, but if the nature of the cause wasn't so emotive to people, that wouldn't work.

    Also, I don't support the argument of "culture" I think bull fighting should stop in Spain, and also the savages on Malta should stop shooting migrating bird for fun, "culture" is no excuse for cruelty anywhere in the world, not just whaling in Japan.

    Also to show I'm not biased, while i enjoy eating ordinary fish from time to time, I feel that the way the west over-fished the seas is also wrong. I would be happier for their to be less but more expensive fish, if it allows the eco-system of the seas to recover.

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    What is all this fuss about? We kill thousands of cows a day to make burgers, why should we make such an issue out of a few whales? I've got no problems with whaling provided the Japanese do it in a sustainable manner.

    Read this article. It might change your mind, or at least inform you that there are more important issues than saving big fish.

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    Japan has to accept that their culture has to change, especially since if they continue to whale along with I believe Greenland there will be no whales to hunt and it'll change anyway. These animals are endangered because of us, and we need to change things to prevent them from disappearing.

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    I will not watch the video thank you very much. Not unless it shows the harvesting of well, I won't go there.

    Whaling, in the past, was a staple of their diet. They do not need to eat it now. It's a delicacy now. People do not need it to survive. Plus, unlike years ago, every part of the animal was used. Today, they kill indiscriminately.

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    I do not care what you say. It's murder of beautiful creatures and has made me start hating Japan.

    They can go to hell for all I'm concerned.

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