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What do I need for an HIV-positive party?

Next Saturday, I'm hosting a party for people who have been diagnosed with HIV who feel as if they restricted by having safe sex. This way, they can get together without wearing a 'raincoat'. What else do I need to host this party?


PS: Only gay males are invited

Update 2:

The people I've invited already have HIV!!!!!!

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    Don't forget the poppers and anal lube.

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    Uh, I think the most important thing you need for an HIV-positive party is people with HIV.

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    So, are you seeing what other infections they can get? ARE YOU CRAZY? I mean, having a party for them is great -I understand that. I don't understand SEX PARTIES or orgies straight or gay....

    Not only gay people need to wear "raincoats" if they are having promiscuous sex -EVERYBODY does.

    I don't get why you want to endanger their health any more than it already is. If they should get another health issue -what if that medication has an interaction with their HIV medication? What if they are sicker? What if ..... They still need to wear the "raincoat" so to speak. I hope if they join in your party -they choose to wear one so they don't cause more problems for themselves.

    For the record ...I am not gay phobic -I don't get their lifestyle any more than they get mine... but I love my brother who is gay. I would be truly sad if he had HIV and became so reckless.

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    Well first of all you need chips and fruit punch, maybe Kool-Aid (but that's usually for *******). You also need a good movie. I would go with Iron Man or the Hulk. Another good thing you need is a Homophobic clown. That way he cries whenever he is asked to make a balloon dildo.

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    Dude, let them wear raincoats, I have a huge raincoat fetish

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    ok, first you are going to need lots of condoms. if you host your party inside, then raincoats wont be an issue. second, i recommend cucumbers to get everyone warmed up. then a gun to kill those that defy you. OH OH and also maybe some lube. lube will help.

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    You need a shotgun with several shells or some Cyanide gas to eliminate them all. If you don't, AIDS will spread, and the USA will become like Africa.

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    You need HIV or AIDS

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    This question is EPIC WIN for the lulz factor.

    Source(s): This question is EPIC FAIL for so obviously putting it on ED.
  • hahahahahaha im sorry but ur question makes me cry with laughter

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    Some syphilis and gonorrhea for side dishes.

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