Could he be Schizophrenic? PLEASE HELP?

Well My life long friend that is now 23 I believe may have symtoms of Schizophrenia.

He has told his mother he has heard voices.

His father was Schizophrenic and now lives on the streets.

He has been talking about god and there being a higher power..

He's always very paranoid, About every little thing.

If theres a noise his heads looking that way in a flash.

He has tried Weed and extacy. He still smokes weed he had stopped for a month but just picked it up again this week. A girl at work has been bothering him and yelling at him. Flirting, then being mean. (I don't know if this is all true or not this is what he's telling me) He tells me just about everything. He has had a unusual interest in younger girls.. Im almost 15. I have known him my whole life and he didn't really used to be like this.. He doesn't try not to take his anti depressants. And he missed two and he didn't act to much different. I was cuddling up to him watching a movie and he was always so paranoid someone was going to walk in. (but idk if that could be a sign because i am 14 and he's 23 and obviously my brother wouldn't really like that) But he put his hands around my neck and kinda squeezed but then stopped.. It scared me but I think he was just playing.. He's told me how he wants to die.. And he wishes he could just die.. (but Schizophrenic people don't usually want to die and they think everything is normal?) Im trying to make him stop smoking weed and cigs. He's been to the psyc. hospital and admitted himself unlike most Schizophrenic or mental disorder people.. He wants help.


the doctors diagnosed him with sever anxiety and insomnia. Which are both symtoms of Schizophrenia.. I feel safe around him. I have known him my whole life.

Update 2:

he looks at people in the eyes. he talks alot.. Can keep the conversation. He told me he does talk to himself sometimes.. When he's bored. Hes always moving.. likes to stay busy. THIS IS NOT FAKE WHY WOULD I FAKE THIS. Please just answer my question. he doesn't usually stay in one spot and not talk.. Doesn't do anything weird with his mouth or whatnot.

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    This guy needs help! Talk to his mom and tell her what you have seen and experienced. Schizophrenia is hereditary. Your friend is at high risk for it since his dad is schizophrenic. You need to keep yourself safe. Don't be alone with him. Most people with mental illness are not dangerous but your friend has shown some violent behaviors that you HAVE to take seriously. You are a good friend to be concerned but this is really too big for you to handle alone.

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    Instead of judging you like others have avoided i will answer the question.

    although he fits into symptoms of schizophrenia, it may not be cuz of other stuff. This might be the start of it though. In males it can show up around the ages of 18-24. getting help soon is the best thing for him at this time before it gets worse when he can trust the doctors or anything given to him to suppress these symptoms

    can just be just feelings and emotions he doesn't know how to deal with. if he can learn how to balance his mind and control his thoughts he can go back to what is considered normal. also getting counseling on any issues he has.

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    Ok, not to be harsh but here are a couple of things

    you need to protect yourself from him. He has no business cuddling a 14 year old girl in the first place.

    You need to not be alone with him.

    He needs help, you can't provide it. Deal with that reality this second. He needs to deal with it.

    If he "playfully" choked you- this is a serious risk. I hope that this is a pretend question and you are not a real person. But on the off chance you are really real- don't be alone with him.

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    You need help, and fast. If he's put his hands around your neck and squeezed, you're in danger. That is NOT NORMAL behavior, and it tells you that choking you is in his mind somewhere, waiting to be done.

    You can't make him stop anything, only he can do that.

    You should never be alone with him, but encourage him to get help and find the right treatment.

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