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Please help me and I'll give you 10 points, I'm freaking out!?

Me and my Girlfriend were just fooling around in my room when the phone rang, I answered it and there was a voice on the other end: "what are you doing with my daughter" I hanged up and told her what happened but she said her dad is dead! Then who was phone?

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    Your neighbour who is outside your window right now

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    Does she have a brother, a step dad, or a mom with a deep voice?

    If not maybe her dead dad might mot like that too much... I know I would come back from the grave and kill some dude for fooling around with my daughter...( if it was possible that is)

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    Just re-dial and it can give you a number or ring back. Does she have siblings or friends who are just being silly and not realising how hurtful it could be. Or it could just be random kids ringing up and messing about, when me and my friends where younger we would sometimes make hoax calls.

    I am sure it is nothing to worry about, if it keeps happening and you are worried you could contact the police.

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    You probably had someone peeking in through the window or a friend knew you were together so decided to have a laugh at your expense.

    Relax - ghosts, if they exist (big big if here) cant use telephones and why would he have your number? seriously, its nothing to worry about.

    Unless she is fibbing about her dad being dead?

    Deep breaths - your ok :)

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  • Peter
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    10 years ago

    Somebody knowing the girl's family and maybe jealous of her.

    If it's like I say he should be hanged to do such hurtful things.

    It's already heartbreaking as it is, let alone playing on some fun you're having.


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    a friend or neighbor saw you doing it and played a prank, dont be worried. if it keeps happening she might be in on the joke.

  • 10 years ago

    More than likely a guy who might like her and is jealous.

    A friend.

    Or a close male family member of hers.

  • 10 years ago

    A wrong number or someone playing a joke?

  • 10 years ago

    Possibly a prank caller?

    Sorry I can't be more helpful.

  • 10 years ago

    maybe that was neighbor cross the street, who was watching u two thru the window.....Anyway i don't think that was anything serious. But that was definitely a bad joke!!!!!

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