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nokia or sony ericsson? why?

i'm not asking about a certain phone model but about the brand itself.

consider quality, price, design, performances, availability or any other category you might think of.....or based on your own experience with this manufacturers, or the user feeling, the feedback that each provides...

p.s. i don't care so much about the plan....anyway i'm not from the us and i'm thinking to buy it without a plan i'm tired of slavery lol


ok, but about, you know, the way part? cause you say so...right, i get it, sims ok...good reason, i'll most definitelly get a nokia then....

just for the record, in future answers, can you please write down why too? preatty please?! thank you!

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    ive had three nokias, and a lot of sony ericsons.

    Nokia are better quality in the phone itself, you can drop it in water and it will still work after it has dried out, or you can drop it plenty of times and usually it will work.. but these are only in the older phones. the newer nokia phones dont seem as good quality as the old ones.

    Whereas, my favourite are sony ericsson, these phones are much better to work and have much better features, However they will not survive very well if been in contact with water. They can break quite easily but the phone itself are much better, and they are also cheaper, as in you get more for your money with sony ericsson.


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    Well, to me honestly, it would have to be Nokia. Nokia has been my service provider for a very long time now, and has never let me down. Until I bought an N82, WHICH IS VERY SLOW and VERY DISAPPOINTING. But nonetheless, Nokia still rocks.

    I don't have anything against Sony Ericsson. I know Sony Ericsson is also a good company. Their phone are pretty good to you know.

    These probably are the 2 best companies in the cellphone market, and you have made a very challenging question here my friend.

    It's up to you mate, these are two of the best phone making companies, complete with great quality, price, design, performances, availability or any other category you might think of.

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    i like sony ericsson because of the quality of the software

    ive had 3 nokias until now and the software kept crashing.

    but on the other hand nokia has way better options for the money you're paying, just be sure to update the firmware every once in a while to keep the software up to date

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    Nokia because of their style, battery life, features, reliability, great build quality and firmware (or os's).

    In my expirience a lot of SE's used to be pretty big and plasticy, but they're improving a lot now, but they still don't compare to Nokia's.

    (I'm not a Nokia fanboy by the way, I have a 3 Skypephone S2- )

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    Nokia for sure. Outstanding quility and long lasting, though Sony Ericsson has nice design.

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    Sony ericsson.


    Cool, different design.

    Very stylish flash based user interface.

    Very great quality sound.

    Very great quality head.

    Great built quality.

    Unique softwares, radical thoughts.

    Slim, light weight.

    Very good camera.

    Digital camera like features on phone camera.

    Very easy to use.

    Different series for different people.

    Fun to use.

    Eye catching.

    I love sony ericsson.

  • both for different reasons, but overall I personally prefer Samsung and LG phones.

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    Nokia, for sure,,

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