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i had a poop accident at a friends house?

I am at a friends house right now..we are watching football and my buddy said something really hilarious and i laughed really hard and pooped a little in my boxers. We made these crazy chili nachos. I need to either find a way to get rid of these boxers or find a way out of here. I didn't drive and I was supposed to stay the night here because every ones wasted. I need to know what I should do right away.

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    Well if everyones wasted then who will really notice/care if you go to your friends room and borrow some boxers and throw away the ones with the **** in them? If your friend notices later just be like ahh man i'm sorry i was so wasted. Or whatever you drunken people say. Good luck!

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    circulate to the bathing room, sparkling your self up and alter into the two your spare boxers or in case you probably did no longer deliver any then in basic terms circulate commando for the nighttime! that or in basic terms pretend an pressing telephone call and run residing house (having wiped sparkling your self up) nonetheless in basic terms confess and ask your mate for a towel and clean pair of trousers..wish they do no longer chortle too plenty!

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    go to the bathroom take the sht out of your boxers and clean them with water. it help get rid of the smell. then your just going to have to ignore it until you go home.

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    9 years ago

    This is the funniest question I've read all day LOL.

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    9 years ago

    Suggest doing something messy, and when you get messy, ditch your dirty clothes.

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