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How to deal with jealousy/get rid of it??? :((((?

well ever since I've become friends with him(4 months ago, beginning of year) I've been jealous of him. We've become pretty close, I've been going to school with him since 7th grade but didnt start talking to him till this year because well, we were one of the only people each of us new at our new school. We are in 9th grade now.

This is why I'm jealous of him:

-better looking than me(taller, SUUPER THIN no fat at all, nice hair, beautiful eyes(hes gotten compliments))

-better grades than me(As and Bs. I have a couple of Cs :()

-More athletic than me, better at his sports than I am at mine.

-Popular. He has alot more friends than me. He seems like hes friends with everyone. Everytime we walk down the hall people always come up and say hi to him, never to me :(. People we meet together seem to remeber him but not me. I've even been called his name multiple times which makes me mad!!!! I can tell that Almost everyone loikes him more than me. Like someone we both know will get all excited to see him but not me!!!

whenever I see his picture on facebook or a post he made I get a feeling of pain in my stomach because I envy him. a couple weeks ago my other friend said something REALLY MEAN about him and I actually enjoyed hearing it it made me feel a little better about myself somewhat and relieved. But isnt that bad since Im his friend? Im soo jealos how can I get rid of it and/or deal with it??? PLEASE HELP

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    First of all, He's done nothing wrong to you whatsoever, so why do you hate him so much!!! I get that you're jealous, but he's your friend, and he practices sports, and studies. If you want good grades, STUDY, if you want athletic skills PRACTICE! Michael Jordan failed his high school basketball try outs but he practiced and look how successful he was!

    I'm not an expert, but people are usually jealous or disappointing when they expect to much out of them self. I used to be like "Oh I have to get perfect 4.0 all the time!" But now i just set smaller limits. At the beginning of the semester my quarter goal was 3.6 and up, and i got 3.6 for my gpa. This quarter was 3.7 and up, and i got 3.8 for the quarter GPA, and 3.74 for my Semester GPA. For losing weight, just jog for 20 minutes each morning after a COLD shower. Cold showers actually help you wake up faster.

    I have a friend who i'm jealous of. He's skinner by like 10 pounds, taller by half an inch, gets roughly the same GPA as me, and plays sports. I look better than him, have better hair, and have a better fashion sense. I envy him, and instead of bitching and moaning, If he gets into AP Biology, i'm clawing my way into AP Biology. If he gets into Honors Alg 2, I'm clawing my way into Honors Alg 2. If he learns to play the saxaphone, I learn to play the clarinet, piano, flute, piccolo, and the harmonica. The point is, instead of hating him, try to use that energy to compete with him.

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    I use to have the same problem but then i asked my self do you really like half those people? Theres probably thing you do better than he can and you probably look better than he does to a bunch of people. Being popular isnt all glorious either. Every popular person i go to school with has either had a rumour started about them or they always start the rumours cause they know something and end up getting beat up. As far as dealing with the jealousy just remember who you he looks or how many people say hey to him doesnt really matter as long as you have a good personality. Im quiet and my best friend is popular but alot more poeple like me because of that! Your amazing and have no reason to be jealous oh him. If your really jealous study harder and you can make better grade, join a sport and even if your not good at it youll learn to be,and if you want to lose weight just work out a little and try to eat healthy.And if you want to be more popular just simply say hi to people, it always work!

    Source(s): Personal experience and some book i read last month but forgot the name of
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    You may have those feelings but if he's nice to you and all then why would it matter how others see him? Also why do you care if he's liked by everyone. I am a lot like that guy but I have a lot of problems that none knows about so if you think about that his life may not be 100x better then yours... There may not be a reason to be so jealous

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    I use to have the same problems its just how you are you probably have a crazy crush lol so you need to just accept that hes a hot friend and thats all it is and maybe one day it will be more andif thats the case you will get use to it and learn to trust and love eachother the way you are.

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    "This sounds like a good movie" lol joke i dont give a ****

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