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What is life like for Children that are raised in the Jehovah's Witness faith?

No Birthdays,No Haloween,NO Christmas,No fourth of July celebration,No Easter,No Valentines,No labor day observation,No blood transfusions(even if it will save your life!),No having friends that are non-Jehovah's Witnesses(their excuse is "Do not be bound together with unbelievers;for what partnership have righteousness and lawlessness,or what fellowship has light with darkness?"-2 Corinthians 6:14) I think their childhood can be described in one word which is SADNESS!!!!

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    What is life like for them? VERY HAPPY & SATISFYING

    - My parents would get me things at any time, or simply surprise me with gifts.......not forcing me to wait like an idiot for one or two particular days of the year simply because more people around us waited for that time to roll around.

    - My parents raised me to discern for myself the benefits of rejecting blood transfusions (which are NEVER A guarantee of saving one's life, but are a guarantee of losing out on an eternal future) in favor of being obedient to Jehovah and making his heart glad.

    - I had to attend public school from grammar school through high school, and while I kept people at a close distance so I wouldn't get too involved with them, I still had some "friends" there that I enjoyed association with (only during school time, though).

    - I was raised to see what God's view is on the celebration of garbage like birthdays, Halloween, Christmas, etc...etc......and there was no way I was going to involve myself in such unscriptural, God-dishonoring celebrations like that.

    In as a child raised by Jehovah's Witness parents was.....GREAT! And I remain a Jehovah's Witness to this day, thanks largely to the spiritual training I received from my God-fearing parents.

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    First off, blood transfusions do not save lives that could not be saved by other (and safer) alternatives. Oh, and since when are those fun? The fact you feel they are does not say much for your childhood.

    Birthdays- We try to do things for our kids all of the time, not just the day they were born.

    Halloween- Nope I don't want my kid dressing up like some demonic character and digesting enormous amounts of junk food.

    Christmas- My son will never ask me why I lied to him about Santa Claus like I had to ask my parents.

    Easter- Ditto for the Easter Bunny

    Valentines- He's loved all the time and once again doesn't need all that junk food.

    4th of July- Our kid hates fireworks. Why something that sounds like guns going off makes everybody feel good about war, I don't know.

    Labor Day- You don't go to work on labor day. That's the whole concept. Kids don't work anyways.

    We limit associations with non witnesses because the Bible and history have both shown that bad associations spoil useful habits.

    I know plenty of kids who are growing up witnesses who don't feel like they are missing out because they are not a part of Satan's world. I know even more adults who were raised Witnesses that are thankful that they have never been a part of Satan's world. There is more to happiness then holidays. I feel sad for the kids I see growing up who are not Jehovah's Witnesses because they all seem so miserable everyday except Christmas.

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    I would agree with Jen in that there are many "shades of grey" in this area. The fact that they were never baptized, calls into question weather they ever really came to fully appreciate what the truth really is, or understand the thoughts and feelings it conveys in the minds and hearts of all true, zealous, loyal witnesses. For example i was raised around the religion, but never came to *really* appreciate it untill recently, i was lukewarm, if that. If they decided to become another religion, theirs a 99% chance i wouldn't even *have to* ignore them, because i'd never come into contact with them anyway. However, if for some reason i did still come into contact with them (perhaps i work with them or somthing) I would still talk to them, probably about their beliefs, ask them why they chose to become that religion, perhaps conversation would draw them out a bit more then sitting there at a meeting (probably not paying attention,... in their case) I would though be cautious about becoming friends with them, if for example they were to invite me over to their house or somthing to hang out with friends, i'd politely decline.

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    The other day I was at the store and a little kid was asking his mom to buy him a toy he liked, and she said, "no you have to wait till Christmas, you'll get it then". That's sad.

    My life as a child was full of joy and fun and surprises. I didnt miss out on anything. And I will raise my children exactly the same. And they'll know what a real surprise present is. And they'll go to fun kid parties and enjoy there childhood, just like I did :)

    And all without having to take part in pagan practices. Wow :)

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    Wonderful! Loving parents. A worldwide brotherhood of friends wherever we go who genuinely love us. A real evidence based hope for the future. We know the bad things in this world are soon to end and a beautiful Paradise will be restored by Almighty God here on Earth where we can all live in peace and real contentment and happiness.

    We played like any other children. Got lots of presents because we are loved not because of a certain day on a calendar.

    I knew my Bible from babyhood and understood it and knew that the God who caused it to be written has all our best interests at heart and wants us to be happy.

    And we were and we are.

    Source(s): Witness of Jehovah all my life and very, very glad of it.
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    I am a Jehovahs Witness and all of that does not bother me...why do u have to wait for a specific day to be happy? Why do u have to wait for someones birthday to give them presents? We give each other gifts no matter what! Mothers day or fathers day? Is it only allowed one day in a year to show your mom or dad that you love them? Or does God want you to respect and love your parents every day. As for holidays that we dont celebrate theres a reason behind each one. If you would like to know id be more than happy to talk to you.

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    Presents all the time. They don't have to wait for Christmas or birthday.

    Candy in reason, whenever same with special treats.

    Don't know where you heard that JW kids couldn't play with other kids. Mine do a lot and some of them have stayed the night at my house. I'm known as the "fun mom" and the kids would rather be at my house than their non JW parents.

    We go on outings a lot, buy clothes for them a lot, etc.

    It's a good life.


  • Firstly, the idea is that you ask a question ...& we answer it.

    You're not supposed to answer your own question... especially if you haven't got a clue what you're talking about.

    Our children's lives don't revolve around holidays... do yours?

    Now that's what is sad

    Children thrive on love & attention

    We don't need a special day to give gifts, have parties or have fun. We can do it whenever we please.

    And just for the record ... our children can have non-Witness friends.

    Please get your facts right before asking your next "question" about us, because I wouldn't want you to look stupid next time too

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    My parents raised me as one of Jehovah's Witnesses. There are many examples, but to name one, my family celebrated my parent's wedding anniversary which included presents for the whole family. We frequently celebrated our family's happy occasions as well as our friends'.

    Jehovah's Witnesses are very open to celebrating many occasions that do not have pagan origins or associations. I am glad that my parents respected the true worship of God and informed me at a very early age that it would be wise to do likewise.

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    guess what? we give gifts during the year. our children do not have to wait until a holiday to get a gift. sometimes I will be in a store and I will hear kids saying I want this and the mom will say wait for your birthday or xmas. our kids don't have to wait for a reason. even parties we have during the year also. learn what Jehovah Witnesses are about at

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