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am I dyslexic?

well first of all when I am writing I get my "Ds" and "Bs" mixed up, also I mix words around when I'm reading like the other day I read a paper aloud to my friend ~ Me: Norway is the land of fried rice

Friend: what the phuck let me see that ~ turns out it said fire and ice. and every time I see santa cruz I think it says santa clous, also I was reading info on a movie I was going to watch it said some thing about some people had to stop satan from impregnating a human woman I thought it said some people had to stop santa from impregnating a human woman, and I thought the first time I saw Chicken filet (fast food place) that it said Chickafile.

All my friends call me the dyslexic geinus, but I don't know if I'm dyslexic or just plain stupid how do I find out if I'm dyslexic

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    As I understand it, there are various symptoms to dyslexia. Reversing and jumbling letters is one of them.

    I have the problem of dropping words when writing, thinking I've already written them. Also, if I need to verbally describe a complex topic, sometimes my thoughts get totally jumbled and words flow out of order.

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    I am dyslexic. I do not do anything like that, but I say numbers different all the time. For example, I will say 3 instead of 6 or 9 instead of 3 or 4 instead of 2. Stuff like that, I also write numbers down wrong sometimes, but I do not often talk wrong, that only happens once in a while. Your symptoms sound like they can be dyslexic. Check out the link for more info.

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    It doesn't sound dyslexic to me. In any account you should get it checked out. Seems vision related to me.

    Its definitely something.

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