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What is the best drugstore liquid foundation & powder that provides very full coverage?

I've been buying department store stuff like Chanel, MAC, Clinique & Shiseido for a long time & I don't have money to be spending on it right now, plus my skin is changing color a lot cuz of summer so I want something cheap. =)

Help me please!!!!

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    Neutrogena has a liquid and powder, is cheap, has coverage, and doesn't clog pores. Neutrogena creates face wash and things like that, so they have healthy makeup.

    Try a primer before you put on your foundation to hide bumps. Here is a nice primer:

    Here are some nice foundations from Neutrogena:

    Hope this helps!

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    I am not sure about powder foundation because I have had troubles with all drugstore powder foundations not covering well enough. As for a liquid foundation I found a GREAT one in The Bay and Sears.

    It's not that expensive, but not as cheap as some of the other mass production made ones (which I've had problems with). It's Clinique. There are kiosks in The Bay with someone behind the counter. Go talk to the attendant -they are REALLY helpful. Tell them you want a liquid foundation, and they will find the best match for your skin tone, and degree of oily-ness.

    The one I have is a "Smart" Liquid Foundation... It's a special foundation that covers well (and lasts me months upon months!) and it is called a "Smart Foundation" because it will mosturize your skin where it needs it, and help take away some of the oily-ness where your skin is oily (your T-zone, usually).

    I have been using this foundation for a long time now and am still amazed with the coverage it provides. I just bought a new one yesterday (because I am, finally, almost out) and I checked the receipt - the foundation is $25.00. It may sound like more than you would like to spend, but if you compare the quality and the quantity of it against other foundations, I'm sure you'll find it's a good idea to try it. It's done miracles for me.

    I hope I've helped! (And thank you for replying to my question!) ^.^

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    Well. I use to have this issue. I used the neturogena foundation which you can find at the drugstore and then once my acne started to go away I used relvon 24 hour coverage which you can also find at the drug store. I heard the roll on foundation is really good. Hope this helppsss!

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    Cover Girl is the best! And it only costs like 3- 12 dollars. With this, you really don't need powder. I use it every day and it makes your skin look flawless. You can buy it at like Walmart, Target, CVS, Rite Aid. Anywhere like that. Hope this helps. :D

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    Hi! Ü Try Loreal True Match Foundation, it really blends the skin tone well and it is non-sticky, it also gives a good lasting coverage that could go on with hours Ü

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    hey, i RARELY put on make up.. but this is how i do things.

    i have 2 options.

    get the maybelline mousse face creme of ur color, and get loose power, and brush it on. dont make ur face look to cake-y with the power. just simply tap off the excess that is left on ur brush. ( use a brush, sponges smears some of the first layer. <- the creme)

    OR (this is what i do.)

    put on face sunscreen from clinique (i use clinique) or any cosmetic brands, possibly olay if u wanna go for a decent price and put on loose powder.

    i put on face sun screen (or face creme) because they dont clog pores, and also covers alot.

    but if u really want EXTRA coverage.. use the maybelline mat mousse thingy..

    hope this helps. and thanks for answering my question


    and dont use creme concealers.. its bad..

    use loose mineral powder one.

    there is one from loriel.

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    Hey! well i use covergirl clean make up liquid foundation and powder.. i really like it and it gives me good coverage..

    its about 4 bucks for each of them

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    LO'real has a mineral powder foundation and concealor that is great! you can control how much coverage you want. And it looks airbrushed on your skin!

    Mineral and powder foundations will show dry skin patches more, so just be sure to moisturize first!

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    TruBlend powder is amazing!

    its easy to match to your skin tone and its really good for the matte look.

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