Jews, Are there two Messiahs or two manifestations of the Messiah?

I have heard some Rabbi's, honoured and respected ones, who state there will be two comings of Messiah(s).
Update: apologio... Are you a Jew? And no the Anti Christ (not another Messiah) will come and deceive the Messiah will come again to Jerusalem - read Revelations.
Update 2: Sorry, Trish it was something I was told in a seminar. It might not be that there are two messiahs but two appearances of the messiah.
Update 3: allonyoa... that is what I am talking about Messiah ben Joseph, and Messiah be David. Got any more information and sources on that?
Update 4: oh Allonyoav is this the Armageddon period or does that still occur much later.
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