Michael Jackson conspiracy theory?

Ok, so the King Of Pop is dead. Has anyone thought about a possible connection between Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley? Michael idolized Elvis. He named himself the King of Pop. That was not a title given to him. When he went on an interview with Oprah it was written into the contract that she would have to call him by that title several times during the interview. Yeah, she was the first person to call him that but it wasn’t her idea. He wanted a title to rival that of Elvis. He even married Elvis’ daughter. And now he has died at about the same age as Elvis. Yes, I know he had a heart attack. But could it have been drug induced? Many prescription drugs have severe side effects, including heart attacks. Something as simple as a migraine drug can cause a heart attack. And if he was intentionally overdosing on a regular basis, death was inevitable. If this is the case, the autopsy would not catch regular overdosing. It would only show that at the time of death there was an overdose and that would appear to be accidental. Actually, a heart attack is fairly easy to induce if you know how. Jackson could have caused his own heart attack in order to assure that he would be remembered in the same light as Elvis.

Now, this is just a bit of trolling. I don’t really believe this. But I’m wondering if anyone will pick up on this and run with it. What do you think? Did Michael Jackson cause his own death in an effort to emulate Elvis?

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    I don't buy the Elvis theory and don't necessarily buy the suicide looking like a cardiac arrest idea. I personally just find the timing very,very ironic.Here was a man hugely in debt, about to commence a massive,strenuous, 50 date tour which would have placed him under tremendous pressures to complete to clear his debts...a tour which he himself -without a spokesman-announced to the world as the "THIS IS IT" tour....(ironic name considering his imminent passing don't u think?)Conspiracy theorists could have a field day with this.....look at the amounts of money that are already being generated so soon after his death through his back catalogue sales.It does seem awfully convenient somehow.In saying this, I can also see how this could happen as a natural progression due to the reportedly large amounts and long term use of medication which - with my knowlege in the medical field - could definitely have damaged the heart and induced a cardiac arrest. Like JFK, DIANA AND ELVIS no-one will really ever know for sure......

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    I decide to google "conspiracy theory" and found this interesting theory about Elvis. It’s definitely worth a thought. I was just considering the possibility that it wasn't suicide or death at all. More like just a publicity stunt? I thought after listening to every single radio station playing all his songs all day. Does he get royalties for every time a song is played? What about all the albums he has sold today? Maybe it was a way to get out of the apparent debt? And if it is a stunt then hasn't he emulated Elvis in doing just that?

    That is correct that a heart attack and cardiac arrest are not the same thing and they keep saying both interchangeably on the news. Does the fact that they don't really know what killed him actually indicate that they don't know whether he is really dead or not?

    I guess we will just have to wait and see. Either way he is not going to tell us personally. Diana, Elvis & Michael sitting on a desert island sipping iced alcoholic tea . . .oh what a nice thought!

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    It is strange that, as has already been pointed out, he dies before so many scheduled concerts. The true cause may be stress. However, this is from a man who has wanted to conceal his identity for many years, and escape the eyes of the media- think of the strange guises he has adopted over the years, and the way in which he has concealed his children in public. He is a strange misunderstood man, but he has money. I believe that he would be able to pull off such a "vanishing" act and adopt another identity quite easily. Nobody knows what he actually looks like without all the makeup, hair and sunglasses.

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    A heart attack and cardiac arrest are not the same thing. Also, he didn't have money as suggested above. Quite the opposite, he was millions of dollars in debt.

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  • 5 years ago

    Why the heck did they tamper around with his picture. They photo shopped the photo, and made his face chalky white wear you can barely see it. His face is suppose to be the color of his beautiful brown chest. 'They' must be intimidated by his beautiful brown skin so they photo shopped his picture and made his face look pale, chalky white. Iv's seen them tamper around with a lot of his colored photo, jealous, envious, loony bastards.

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    He may or may not have committed suicide. If he did, there are plenty of reasons why he might have taken his life. His life wasn't exactly easy.

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    That sounds fishy. I don't believe it.

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    his ego wouldn't have allowed it. he thought he was god's gift to the world. in reality, he was god's punishment to the world.

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