Yeast INfection?

what are symptoms of it and are bumps included and if not what could it be? if all the symptoms lean to Yeast Infection?

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    Well i've never heard of bumps while having a yeast infection. When you have a yeast infection usually you will have white or yellow discharge thats kind of thick. Sometimes it can cause itching or pain. Either way, the best way to find out and solve this problem is to see a gynocologist and get yourself checked out. It may be embarassing to have to do so, but its well worth it.

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    Another part to the first answer you got is burning while urinating. If you think that you might have an infection, (even if you don't have one, this will not hurt you). Get some Alka-Seltzer original, follow the directions on the package. Take it every 4 hours like it says to. The infection will be killed and gone within an hour of the first dose. If you start taking it now and then one before you go to bed tonight, by in the morning it should be gone. I always take one more dose once all symptoms are gone to make sure. It is so much cheaper, and faster than the medicine out there on the market for it. And it is not messy like most of them are. It does work I promise you. I am serious as a heart attack about Alka-Seltzer original and infections.

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