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Is he a keeper or do I need to let go?

Me and my boyfriend have been together for seven months, we were best friends for 3 months before we started dating so we know each other very well.

Things in the relationship were really good at first then we started to fight alot, We made it past that. But after the third month of dating I was staying the night at his house and he let me use his computer, I decided to go threw his picture to see if he had any of me on there, Well I found a picture of this girl without a shirt on. The picture was dated two days after Valentines, which means he got the picture while we were dating. Also, A month earlier he was suppose to come to my house but instead he went skate boarding with his friend and they went to this girls house, I know that my boyfriend didn't cheat on me because she is fat and ugly. When I asked him about the picture he told me that he didn't ask for it, That she just sent it to him. But if she just sent it to him, Then why did he send it to his email and save it to his computer? I didn't break up with him after this but I also all of my trust for him.

After this, I asked him to delete all the girls out his phone, He did. But he kept his ex girlfriends number and the girl that I found the picture of numbers hidden in his phone under different names, Also, A few weeks ago I found another girls number hidden in his computer, This girl lives in England but still, It is the fact that he hid it from me.

Also, He always acts like everything is my fault whenever we argue. I know that all of this makes him sound like a bad boyfriend but he isn't. He treats me better than any guy ever has.

He does the sweetest things on top of all of that stuff, He buys me roses, He traces circles around my eyes until I fall asleep, He holds my hair while I puke, He makes me soup when I am sick, He does everything that a good boyfriend should do, But I just can't seem to let go of all of those things. It hurts, He broke my heart with the whole picture thing.

I don't want to break up with him because I think for the first time ever I am actually in love. It's just hard because I can't trust him and we go to two different schools so I am constantly worrying. Also, He never lets me talk about this stuff, He just starts crying and saying that he isn't good enough for me, Either that or he tells me not to bring it back. It's hard because I have so much to say and I feel like he doesn't listen.. What do I do?

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    Honestly, I think you are being too much of a control freak in this relationship. You are being unfair to him. Let me put it this way. If a really hot guy sent you a naked picture of himself, would you immediately delete it? Also, if your bf deleted all of his contacts that are girls, did you delete all of your contacts that are guys? Loosen up. To me, he doesn't sound like the kind of guy that would cheat on a girl. Just relax. He obviously kept the picture because she was hot. It's not a problem unless he has a lot of pictures like that. Then he's just a sick person. As far as talking to other girls, let him! He'll be more likely to leave you unless you let him talk to other girls so he knows how lucky he is to have you! There are certain things that guys need to talk to girls about, and it's not always a good idea to share that with his gf. Especially you if you won't even let him talk to other girls. Just saying, if you want this to work out you need to loosen up a bit. I hope everything goes well for you. Good luck

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    Well, why would he keep the pic even if he didn't ask for it? He's a guy. All guys (straight ones) would keep a picture of a half naked woman if she's remotely hot.

    About deleting all the phone numbers but changing those two to different names is odd. I would be very uncomfortable with that as well. If you're this insecure to even be looking in his personal things, that's a bad sign. I'm sorry to say this but to me it seems you already do not trust him and the picture thing made it worse.

    Sure he helps you when you're sick and whatnot, but perhaps that is out of guilt for doing other things, like changing his ex's name but keeping her phone number.

    From your last few sentences, I've dealt with the SAME THING. In my case, he was cheating on me with someone at another school. I want you to know that you should break up.

    If you're in school, and it sounds like high school? You should break up. Trust me it WILL suck, but you'll get over it and get another guy you can trust. Find someone at your school.

    good luck.

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    its kinda hard to answer since i dont know him

    i cant say hes lying and stuff when hes really not

    but uhh, thats kinda weird that he kept the pic

    and the ex gf's shouldve been the first 1'st

    numbers to get deleted and hiding the numbers

    isnt really good

    cuz that means that he plans on talking to them

    and i noticed that alot of my friends that have been with alot

    of girls always say and do sweet things

    a good bf should listen and know how to act

    same thing for a girl

    realationships are built on trust and without it

    there isnt really a point

    in my opinion i dont think hes the right guy

    he might be better then the rest

    but that doesnt mean hes the right 1

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